The new Tesla Cybertruck takes a completely new approach to how pick-ups look and function

When it comes to pick-up trucks, we have already gotten used to what to expect from manufacturers. From those which are made up of two bodies which are welded together, to those which have the bed separated from the main form of the pick-up. Well, Tesla is about to change the game with their brand new Cybertruck series which has just about everything that you could hope for out of a pick-up while modernizing the way a pick-up looks, feels, and functions.

One of the main things that Cybertruck brings to the table is the combined chassis which makes the load of the car distributed across the entire framework. That means that Cybertruck is able to carry a much bigger load than any previous pick-up truck that has been created in the past. Then there’s the fact that it’s an electric truck and you already know that this is going to be turning many heads as well.

Its sort of hot Free Sex Games made a revolution in the adult entertainment industry, but just take that concept and shove it into the car market. Cybertruck really takes things to a new level with the specifications that it’s bringing to the table. With a Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive, you can expect to reach 0-60 MPH in just under 2.9 seconds. It’s an insane achievement for an electric vehicle, and especially one which is made to work and feel like a pick-up truck and not just a regular car which isn’t really meant for any kind of freight carrying abilities.

Other specs are equally as impressive as Cybertruck manages to carry over 14,000 pounds with the Tri Motor AWD. The base model can carry over 7,500 which is still nothing to scoff at. Finally, the Dual Motor AWD can carry more than 10,000 pounds which is exceptional as well. The design is probably what is going to catch your attention immediately as the Cybertruck rightfully carries its name as it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.


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