The Perfect Stocking Fillers This Christmas

Christmas is approaching and will be here before you know it, so it’s time to keep an eye out for some fantastic stocking fillers with help from Kikkerland and Ginger Fox Hub.

As per every year, Kikkerland has a wide selection of gifts to choose from, with there being something for everyone, from fun-filled board games to bartending glasses, from grooming kits to dog toys, from outdoors bushtucker toys to arts and craft, plus much, much more on Kikkerland.

Kikkerland is one of those websites that you stumble across and end up bookmarking, it’s the website you go to for that friend you never know what to get and that loved one that adores something out of the ordinary.

Then you also have Ginger Fox Hub, a paradise for anyone who loves board games, from the Know Nine! which we have here to Taskmaster, from Popmaster to Top Gear, and from Beat the Chaser to Buzzed Out, if you’re looking for some new board games to enjoy over the Christmas period, then it’s worth taking a look on Ginger Fox Hub.

Today I have a few items here which could end up becoming the perfect gifts for someone you know.


Let’s start out with a social one, one to play with friends and family over the Christmas period, just make sure you don’t have work the next day with this one, as you’ll be playing the game, enjoying your drink and bonding your friends or family, can you finish first without falling off your seat? Big Night Out Party Game



Ready, Set, Go, Are you up for the challenge, you got to be fast, you got to be witty, Know Nine! is a fast pass lateral thinking game that will make your palms sweat, brain buzz and mouth ramble as you try to link words together. You can buy this game at Ginger fox Hub.



Men like to look after their appearance just as much as the ladies, so why not get your special man a small little beard kit, perfect for overnight stays or long weekends. Gentleman’s Beard Tin



On the off chance, do you happen to have a treehouse? And do you by any chance happen to have a friend next door with their own treehouse, Ok I admit the chances of that are rather slim, wether you do or not, this Huckleberry Cable Transport will be the perfect way to transport small items. You could set this up to go from your bedroom window to your treehouse, or simply an easy for your mum to send you up your lunch, so you don’t have to stop playing. This is a brilliant component to add to your treehouse. Huckleberry Cable Transport



Do you ever feel like a cocktail, but are not quite sure what you want, if you do, then these bartending classes have a recipe for you, learn how to make some delicious cocktails in these fine glasses. Each glass is dedicated to its own drink, with, Gin, Whiskey, Rum and Vodka, and each glass has 4 cocktail recipes, so you’re sure to be kept busy trying each one out. Available to buy from Amazon.



If you’re looking for a fun place to hide a drink, then maybe this ‘chemistry book’ might be a good purchase, drink from the knowledge of this chemistry book, which just happens to contain a flask. Chemistry Book Flask

I do hope you’ve found something you like the look of here, or if not, head over to the Kikkerland website and see if you can discover something there, thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect Christmas stocking fillers.


Oliver Walkey

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