4 Proven Ways To Market Your Small Cleaning Business

Today, there are several cost-effective marketing strategies and campaigns you can implement to spread the word about your business. The good news is these strategies are applicable to all forms of businesses- even your small cleaning business. Cleaning services are in great demand. But the only way to benefit from this is if your business can reach its targeted audience. So, what market strategies could help your cleaning business? Here are a few.

1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is affordable to get in touch with a vast pool of potential customers from various locations. You can do this by using platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yelp, etc. For instance, you can use Facebook to target people living in your area or locations you want to expand your business to. You can also create a website or pay to place an ad on various websites. The advantage of this marketing technique is that it is simple and requires little to no IT experience.

2. Flyer distribution

Sometimes, using a more direct marketing approach can give you your desired results. For this reason, distribution flyers have proven effective for this service type. Make your brochures available at supermarkets, the community centre, or public places with a noticeboard. You can also deliver these flyers to mailboxes. If you have the time, you can also spread the word about your business by going door to door. The personal touch would most likely draw potential customers close to the business.

3. Promote your brand via social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are excellent places to reach out to people and market your small business. Whether you offer residential or industrial cleaning services, social media can help you keep your customers updated, and you can utilize it as a resource for attracting new customers. Fortunately, these apps have incorporated various functions and aspects that make it easy for your business to promote itself and get more followers. It also makes it easy to communicate effectively with clients, which is essential to retaining a customer. Be sure you post relevant information and keep your posts short and readable. If you wish to include media like pictures and videos, be sure they are clear and high-quality.

4. Design a refer-a-friend program

You can earn a lot of business and customers through word of mouth. It offers a great way to have a personal interaction with potential clients. You may want to consider designing a program where customers can earn incentives by recommending your business to friends and relatives. For instance, you can offer some 15% off cleaning vouchers when they sign up three people. Referral programs are very effective and are viewed as the most credible advertising form among clients.

Implementing the right marketing strategies are vital to any business. It would determine if you can attract the right customers and retain your existing ones. The marketing tips mentioned above would help your small cleaning business grow and succeed.


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