The secrets to making the most of your social media profiles.

If you feel like your social media pages for your business are not doing enough, but you’re not really sure how to change it, here are some of Inovision’s top ways to make the most of your profiles.

Be active
If you are frequently posting from your company page, people will see this as an active community that they can join and that they want to join.  People want to be where others are having a good time and being part of something, so encourage your followers to communicate on your page.

Good content
Encourage people to become fans of your pages by giving them a reason to follow you.  If they believe they will get valuable and interesting information from your page, they will be more likely to look out for what your company has to say and revisit your page to find out what’s going on.  On Facebook, only a very small percentage of fans return to visit a page after liking it, so make sure yours is one they want to revisit.

Having an up to date, informative page with regular content is good, but if you are not trying to connect or communicate with others, then you will not easily grow your following.  Get involved in conversations e.g. on Twitter and LinkedIn, and reply to people if they comment or speak to you to encourage continued interaction.

Get your friends and colleagues to promote your company.  They can do this by posting about your page through their personal accounts and engaging with your page.  It is good for your image if your employees are talking about you and also gets you noticed by their friends.

Get creative and make your social media page(s) a great place to be.  Keep your posts varied and think outside the box to create an interesting place for your followers to be.  Think about changing your profile picture, creating albums, holding competitions or playing games on your page.

By using these five points together you can increase the popularity of your page, engage followers and get them to notice your company.  Have you tried any interesting strategies with your company page?  We’d love to hear about them so let us know below!


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