Things to think about when moving your Business to London

Relocating a business can be tough venture, especially as there are so many things to consider before you can take the plunge.

When it comes to relocating to London, there are other things to think about too. Here are some of the main considerations for when preparing to start a new business life in London!

Check whether the pros outweigh the cons

It’s no secret that the UK’s capital is a land of incredible opportunities for its inhabitants and business owners, but it may not be a right move for everybody. Regularly assessing your company’s status and success rate is a good indicator of whether a move is a good idea for you.

London is globally known as a financial and digital hub, attracting the most talented people for almost every industry. It has a particular drive to push technology to its barriers, making it a perfect ground for other companies beyond financial but tech, biotech and media as well, just to name a few. If your company is anyhow connected to these cutting edge niches, then  you might not have to think twice where is the right spot to locate your firm.


London is far from short of great places to buy and rent and you only need to make a few clicks on the web before you’ll have found something really great that will suit your needs perfectly in a location that is ideal. Sites like are really useful as they cover the whole of London which is something to think about, if you don’t want to opt for the absolute city centre, or if it’s not quite in your budget. You’ll also want to think about key things surrounding the location; such as accessibility in terms of public transport, and if it’s near any desirable, useful things such as shops, cafes and even bars and restaurants as this can make life for you and your employees much easier and more pleasant!

The actual office space itself

When you’ve found a location you like, you’ll obviously want to find a great building/office space that reflects the location and your business’s vision. Going to all the effort of relocating your business, especially to somewhere as exciting and prosperous as London, you’ll want to ensure you can make the space your own and that it will serve you well, too. It might be a good idea to take a few colleagues with you to view different spaces so that you can all share your opinions and ideas for each property.

Your employees

There’s no doubt that it’s really important to think about your current employees when you’re thinking of relocating, especially to London. Keeping them in the loop as much as possible and from early on is really important so that they can decide whether they’re on board with making a big life change and relocating to London with you, or if they’d rather look for other work. That way, you can also look for new employees in the London area if you’ll need to, early on, too.

The move itself

Moving home or moving your business to a different premises or a new location entirely is rarely a fun venture, so it’s important to think about ways in which you can make life easier for useful, and to ensure you plan ahead so you’re best prepared. There’s a great article here full of tips for relocating your business in terms of the move itself which is well worth a read if you’re in the early stages and would like some further advice.

When planning your move itself, don’t overlook waste management, and consider skip hire. It’s a practical solution for disposing of unwanted items and clutter, making the moving process cleaner and more organised. Especially crucial for business relocations, hiring a skip helps maintain a professional atmosphere and minimises disruption, ensuring a smoother transition to your new location.


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