Tips To Find The Right Name For Your Restaurant With Examples

The name of the restaurant is the first thing a customer sees when they visit your place. Therefore, choosing the right name for your restaurant is a very crucial thing. The name of your restaurant should be catchy and framing that is very difficult to execute. So here are some tips that will definitely help you in finding the right name for your restaurant.

Use Puns

A pun is a figure of speech, which often induces humor in the minds of people. And due to this reason, restaurants with punny names are popular among customers. Moreover, the restaurant’s name with a pun also gives this impression of intelligence to the place.

Some of the examples of restaurants named with pun are – Burgatory, Thai- Namite, Vincent Van Doughnut, and Unphogettable.

Incorporate Wrong Spellings And Unique Symbols

Several trendy places are known for their names and unique symbols used with them. These names not only make your restaurant look cool but also give a unique identity to it. In addition to it, these names attract new customers because they find them intriguing.

Examples of such trendy names are &pizza, rise n°1, a(MUSE.), and n/naka.

Apply Alliteration And Rhymes

Repetitive sounds and rhyming words in titles are a smart way to attract customers. Moreover, it also adds a light-hearted element to your business. If your restaurant has a unique name, your customers are more likely to talk about it to their friends.

Some instances where alliteration is used in the names of restaurants are as follows- secret sandwich society, cork and fork, salty sow and peter’s pour house.

Experiment With One Word Names

A lot of restaurants have one-word names. This is a very clever way of popularising the name of your restaurant, as one-word names are easy to remember. Furthermore, you can choose a strong word that has a significant appeal among people in your area. For instance, a restaurant named after any cryptocurrency will certainly appeal to the mind of young crypto investors.

Some examples of one-word names are – Curate Crust, Diner, Dodge, and Gravy.

Use The Name Based On The Location

Oftentimes, you might have come around with a restaurant having the name of the street they are located at. Adding the name of a place to the restaurant increases its significance because eventually the restaurant is perceived as the prime hangout place of the location. Moreover, it becomes easier to remember the name of the restaurant, as it is associated with the street.

Some prominent restaurants named after streets are – On Orange, Cheryl’s on 12th, Off Vine, and Nick’s on Broadway.

Along with all these ideas, you can also choose to name your restaurant after a book or a movie. You can also pick some famous quotes or dialogue from them and name your restaurant.

Another interesting way to name your restaurant is by using a foreign language, French is often the language of love and sophistication. And therefore, nowadays a lot of restaurants with French names can be found. Whatever maybe your approach to naming your restaurant, ensure that it’s catchy.


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