Tips to improve your success from Social Media.

So you are tweeting, sharing, pinning, uploading and liking, but you are not seeing great results from your efforts. You understand what Social Media is about and you are trying to be as active as you can on varied platforms yet the resulting web traffic and direct enquiries just simply to do match up with the time commitment you are putting in. We need to look at some key points to see if these are being carried out which will help to decide if the current Social Media management system you have in place is correct fr you and your business:

Have you identified your target audience and which platforms they are using, times of days they are most active and what kind of content is seeing them engaging with other users / businesses. There is nothing better than researching your competitors as to what they are doing on social media, are they successful, have they large audiences and how often are they posting updates and what kind of updates are working. This simply practice will not only t ell you what your rival businesses are doing, but also give you ideas as to what you could be doing for a simple rule in business is to always follow those that are successful.

Once you have an idea of what is working on social media you need to look to create your own style of delivering similar. The content you share needs to be regular and professionally delivered across the chosen platforms you want to concentrate on (do not make the mistake of trying to be active on every social media platform). Study the results that your efforts are delivering, most social media platforms will have analytics for you to study that tells you the reach your individual posts / tweets / uploads are having – Are some more successful than others? It is very important to think about when your target audience is active as evening and weekend posts for some businesses may produce better engagement than work day posts.

Building you target audience. If you are to engage then you need an audience and this does not necessarily mean high numbers as it’s interested people you want to market to, not just the general public. If you are marketing high value items such as luxury holidays then you have to build an audience who would have the budget to spend so your social media following would probably be a lot less (though no less active) than potentially a holiday company selling last minute bargains.

You have the opportunity to take paid for adverts with varied platforms, Facebook themselves offer you the chance to boost posts, place adverts and create promotions to increase your exposure across the platform and further target audiences for your updates. These options will not be cheap and it is not very economical to go cautious when spending as minimal spends will obviously deliver poor results. You can also use techniques such as giveaways and competitions to create the right buzz and activity for your business which will obviously cost to fund the prizes and remember that the better the prizes then the better the results.

Engage with your audience as much as possible, as for feedback or suggestions, respond to questions or even complaints and be social by helping others by re sharing there content to your own audiences. Ideally, you want to be seen as social on social media, the person or company whom others can confidently engage with and thus they will warm to your brand. Some companies offer awards out weekly or monthly and this is another way to boost your social media presence and create interest in your and your business.





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