Tired Of Making Little Money In The Big Smoke? Here’s How To Fix That

If you recently moved to London with little professional experience, you might have noticed that it isn’t easy to find well-paid employment in the big smoke. This is because most jobs that offer a high salary require years of experience and a useful skill set to go with it. Samuel Johnson once said that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, and while this might be true when one considers what this fantastic city has on offer both culturally and in terms of leisure activities, it is also a fact that making ends meet in the capital of Great Britain can be tricky.


Most people with little experience and no qualifications start working in the hospitality industry and perhaps train on the side in order to eventually get to where they want to be professionally. If you are in a similar situation and you recently relocated to London, you might want to read the below tips on how to make better money in the city.


Improve your CV


In the job hunting process, your CV is the most essential tool you will ever own. This is the document that hopefully contains your most relevant skills, latest work experience, and educational achievements. If you are currently struggling to find better-paid work, this might be because you don’t have the skillset that’s required for the job, or it could be that your CV needs changing. How could you improve your resume? You ask. The answer to this question is that you should ensure information on it is clearly structured and is given in a concise and transparent manner. Nobody wants to read endless bullet points nor irrelevant skills that are not required for the advertised position, and as a result, you should tailor your CV to the types of jobs you are looking for. Here’s how to write a CV that will help you get noticed.


Have a look at what jobs are out there


Looking for a job you will enjoy can be daunting, specially if you are new to a city. There are so many roles available that with your little experience you are probably finding it difficult to know where and how to look. The trick is in narrowing down your search. You might not know how to do this if you have just arrived in London, but with a bit of effort and determination, you too could land yourself the job of your dreams. The first step to take after having improved your CV is to have a look at the jobs that are advertised online in your particular region. You might want to consider what it is that you think you would like to do and where your strongest skills lie in order to combine these two factors and come up with a potential narrowed-down search. Once you are ready to start looking in the right direction, have a look at these jobs in London and see if any catches your eye.


Immerse yourself in further training to improve your skills


When we are young, we tend to think we know it all, but in the world of recruitment, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You are likely to have some strong skills and a bit of education to see you through the candidate selection process, but it is always wise to undertake further training if you would like for your applications to be more successful. If there is a particular area that interests you and that is where you see yourself working, have a look at the job adverts that are being uploaded by the different recruitment companies and see what they require from potential candidates. Later, make a list of what these required skills are and see whether there are any which you could improve in order to stand better chances of being called in for an interview. There are many courses out there which you could enroll in in order to boost your professional skills, so have a look at these and become the candidate no employer is able to say no to.


Most of all, don’t despair. The job searching process can be long and arduous. Take it one day at a time and don’t forget to look after yourself by eating and resting properly while you continue on the hunt for the role of your dreams.


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