Factory 2.0: Tech Trends to Improve Manufacturing

When you work in the manufacturing industry, anything you can do that will bring down the cost of your operation is welcome, and if you’re reading this in 2018, you’re in luck because there are lots of innovative technologies that increase efficiency and make the process of manufacturing easier and more productive than it has ever been before.


If you’re looking to invest in more tech for your manufacturing business, here are a few things you might want to start with:




Industrial robotics has really come into its own in recent years, and any manufacturing company that is not using them will soon be left behind in the efficiency stakes. Everything from robotic arms that can take over simple production line tasks from humans, which you can find at http://densorobotics.com/world/, to robots that can pick and pack goods will make a huge difference you your bottom line and that is why, although they may be a little expensive, it is well worth your while to invest in them as soon as you can.


OT/IT Convergence


The convergence of Operational Technologies and Information technologies has been a long time coming, but in 2018, experts are really getting to grips with combining the data from both, so that your manufacturing company can gain greater insights and improve performance, By combining the two, you can minimize downtime, increase efficiency and respond more quickly top various challenges. This is one idea whose time has finally come.


Position Sensor Technology


Position sensor technology, which you can find out more about at     http://www.positek.com/position-sensor-technology-comparison, has been around for a while now, but it has never been as refined, and as you can see from the above link, it has never been more varied. Using this technology to ensure that your machinery can work as sensitively and efficiently as possible is a great way of speeding up production and minimizing problems. If you aren’t using the latest position sensor technology, you really are missing out.


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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence was once the dream of a handful of science fiction writers, but in the past decade it has become more and more of a reality, and it is something that most manufacturers should be looking at adopting. Why?? Because artificial intelligence can help manufacturing businesses to predict the level of demand, they are likely to have, so that resources can be allocated more accurately and therefore more efficiently. AI basically takes the guesswork out of the process, using actual hard data to determine demand to a high degree of accuracy without the need for fallible human guesswork. AI tools like Oracle Adaptive Intelligent apps are set to be a boon for the industry and something you should certainly be looking into.


3D Printing


As 3D printing becomes, not only more affordable but also more sophisticated, it is going to change the face of manufacturing forever. When you can design and print your own components, you can cut your costs by cutting out any number of middlemen and come up with products that are much more dynamic than they have been in the past. If you have the opportunity to invest in an industrial 3D printer, you should probably take it and take back your own independence.


The future of manufacturing is at your fingertips, be smart enough to use it!



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