Top 5 Branded Foods for Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing through branded merchandise is fast becoming an area where marketers can go to town on what they can offer consumers and clients alike, in order to enhance their brand reputation. Branded food popularity is growing and with that there are some great items flying off the shelves for businesses aimed at enticing new customers or keeping current clients sweet.


Almost everyone loves a bit of chocolate – it is easy to hand out and you can spend as little or as much as you want in order to appeal to your clients’ sweet tooth. There is something to suit all budgets, from chocolate coins to luxury bars or even boxes of chocolate – not to mention individual tubes or even small branded bags of chocolate beans. For the more discerning of marketers, purchasing Fair Trade chocolate gives you an extra edge.


Jelly Beans

Not everyone has a penchant for chocolate and it is a good idea to have an alternative. Jelly beans are great for adults and children alike so if you are targeting both, this is a good product to consider. Jelly beans come in all shapes and sizes to suit your company from small branded bags of beans to tubs to tins – whatever your style or budget – you’re bound to find something to please.

Sweets and Lollies

Quick and easy to hand out, lollies or small sweets are a great giveaway. They are a great gimmick to stand out from your competitors and are especially great giveaways for children at exhibitions, to keep them distracted while you tackle the parents.

Sweet Tins

These could be used more as a gift rather than a giveaway. The tins have your brand across the top and since you know it is highly unlikely the whole tin will be eaten at once (depending on the recipient’s willpower!), the product could stay in their possession for a longer period of time. This all helps with brand awareness.


Mints are popular with an adult audience, and just like the sweet tins, these can come in sharing tins or credit card sized pouches which are easy to fit in pockets and be carried around. Mints can be a handy product to have, especially if you are meeting with a client or a similar situation, and having your name on this promotional product would have them associate you with something useful too!

All the food products above can have your logo, brand, tag line, and whatever else you would like printed upon them. However, it’s essential to think carefully what your end goal is with your promotion and select the product to suit. You may only need a logo but sometimes a catchy tag line can help stick your business in the users mind – if there’s enough space on the packaging, of course.

It’s clear to see that branded promotional merchandise is a great tool used by many businesses to increase brand loyalty, and using a company such as Outstanding Branding, will leave you safe in the knowledge you have a great promotional product that will help sweeten the deal with prospective customers, wherever you choose to give them out.


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