Top 7 Tips to Deal with Stress on Corporate Trips

When the all-too-familiar boarding and departure times become your usual routine when working on the field, more often than not, the routine can take its toll on you. Put your boss’ hawk-like eyes into the mix and it’s an anxiety and stress attack waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody in the world doesn’t like to travel. But when you’re traveling on business – that’s an entirely different ballgame.

You’re always under the gun, carrying heavy luggage, forgetting essential documents, not having enough sleep, not enjoying the local cuisine, or worst – endlessly waiting for delayed flights!

With these things coming down on you like a black cloud, don’t you just wish you’d pack, quit, and get the hell out of there pronto? Well, of course, you wouldn’t do that, silly! You’ve got bills to pay, remember? So to make corporate trips enjoyable, do these top 7 tips to deal with stress during the entire journey.

1. Stay On Top of Everything

There’s nothing you want more than a good, sound sleep on a comfortable bed in a nice hotel right after a long flight. And the last thing you want is having to scurry around for accommodations with your luggage in tow. Plan everything before your trip. Book hotels in advance, ask for the check-in time and set up your rental car reservations before arriving. Corporate Keys serviced apartments in Melbourne CBD offer significant savings compared to serviced apartments and other accommodation solutions. Corporate Keys is committed to providing consistent and high quality services and products across all brands and locations.

2. Pack Like a Corporate Pro

Pack the essentials but also pack the important documents, gadgets, visual aids, office supplies, etc. for your corporate trip. One pet peeve for people who are always on-the-go is sitting next to loud passengers on a plane, bus, or when you’re sharing a room with a rowdy colleague. This can definitely stress you out. Bring earplugs or eye masks to have uninterrupted sleep especially during long flights. Music also soothes the soul and is a great stress-reliever, so don’t forget to bring a pair of earphones!

3. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can unleash the grumpiness in you. It can affect your mood and productivity as well. If you have a VIP meeting the next day, make sure you don’t burn the midnight oil the night before. Have enough rest. Essential oils and tea are great for loosening up in the evening.

4. Squeeze in A Workout

Endorphins are chemicals released after a good exercise that trigger a positive feeling in the body. A brief, intense workout early in the morning can lighten up your mood. There are numerous workout routines for people on-the-go such as HIIT, circuit training, yoga, or even a quick run will hack it during your trip.

5. Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

We know how binging on food is a must when you’re in a new place. But refined carbohydrates such as sugar are culprits of a bad mood. This causes your blood sugar to fluctuate. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, contain vital nutrients that improve mental health. Fermented food such as yogurt can also enhance your mood as they encourage the growth of good bacteria. Other types of food that are considered as good mood boosters are chocolate, salmon, green tea, oysters, blueberries, spinach and other leafy greens, and other probiotics.

6. Learn the Local Language and Customs

Going to a new country for a business meeting is already nerve-wracking enough, how much more when you don’t even speak a single word in their native tongue? When English isn’t the lingua franca in a certain place, foreign visitors will have a hard time going around without leaving themselves and others in a state of utter confusion when buying something or asking for directions. Learn a couple of basic words. In addition, pay attention to local traditions as well. The last thing you want to do in a foreign country is to offend a local because you’re being a naïve tourist.

7. There’s Always Time for Fun!

You may be swamped with luncheons and meetings and there will never be enough time for fun – said no one ever. Mix business with pleasure, this tandem never goes wrong. Scout for amazing tourist spots nearby and see if you can check them out in between meetings. Indulge in the local culture and learn from local people. This is also a great way to expand your network.

Corporate trips don’t have to be a daunting work assignment. You can make the entire trip worthwhile by making sure to always have time to unwind and eat good food when you need to. The best medicine to deal with stress is a good laugh – make sure you have lots of that!


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