What Makes SEO Black? Promotion Techniques That You Should Avoid At All Costs

As a business owner, it’s really important for you to promote your services and products to your local market. Since most people now connect to the Internet to search for information about many things, the virtual world is a great venue for your promotions.

Search engine optimization refers to the set of practices that are aimed at making your website a lot easier to index by search engines. This is done so that when a user keys in a query, your website will be one of the first ones that the search engine suggests to that user.

White hat SEO practices are those that fall within the guidelines set by the search engines. In other words, these are ‘legal’ or acceptable ways of promoting your website. This includes writing quality content using relevant keywords. Black hat SEO techniques, on the other hand, may still deliver results but they are very risky. The results that they deliver are surely not enough to make up for what you will lose when the search engines penalize you. This why it is best for you to avoid black hat techniques altogether.

We present in this article some of the most common black hat techniques that firms cited in BestSEOCompanies.com will not even take the risk of doing.

Keyword Stuffing

Search engines have become a lot smarter today. Instead of just looking for the keywords in a text, they now also try to analyze the context in which the keywords appears. In other words, it will judge a text to be talking about a keyword if it also mentions other concepts and keywords that are closely related to the primary keyword. For example, a text about the Nike Kyrie 4, which is a basketball shoe, should also include the words ‘basketball’, ‘shoes’, and ‘sole.’

With that said, it seems very unnecessary now to keep on mentioning the primary keyword in the text. Mentioning the keyword frequently will just make the text look and sound unnatural, and Google and other search engines will surely not like it that way. Remember, the search engines’ loyalty is with their searchers; they are continuously implementing rules in order to make the search experience worthwhile. Anything that will stop them from reaching this goal won’t be taken lightly.

Article Spinning

When search engines say that they only want quality content, they mean it. Of course, quality means informative and original, not copied and crappy. So spinning someone else’s article and passing it off as your own on your page is one thing that you should not even think of doing. As mentioned, search engines have become so advanced that they can already detect plagiarized or duplicate content even when the two versions are not using the exact same words anymore.

Instead of wasting your time spinning, spend it researching about and mastering the topic that you are to write about and promote. Of course, incorporating someone else’s ideas in your article is not really bad, just as long as you are able to properly acknowledge your source.


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