Top Tips for using and succeeding with Google+.

Google+ though a relatively new social media platform has already established itself as a major contender in the world of social media. Using Google+ for your business promotion is a good idea if you want to increase your brand awareness online. In most cases in business companies use Twitter and Facebook, though in recent months Google+ has appeared in popularity lists for many organisations. Here are some top tips to help you gain success from using Google+ for business:

Professional Branding. Make sure that the page you launch for your business looks professional with your branding (ideally same as what you use for other social media platforms) and it is fully complete with profile completed to include your current contact details etc.

Share Unique Content. The success behind most social media campaigns is sharing unique content that builds you active target audiences who perceive you as the guru from within your industry.

Stay Active. As social media becomes increasingly popular, users are constantly looking out for the latest and most relevant content to engage them. Whereas a couple of years back it was acceptable to be only active randomly, now days people are put off from following accounts that haven’t shared content within the last week, sometimes even days for it shows them that the business/people behind the account are not actively present, especially for when dealing with their comments / feedback. You have to be active daily with social media so look to post / share content every day.

Share Images / Videos. Not just with Google+, but most other social media platforms, people find images and videos much more engaging and results prove that any update with an image or a video gains higher click throughs.

Use Relevant HashTags. Google+ allows for hashtag searches so use #HashTag before keywords if you want to be found on relevant keyword searches.

Circles. Circles are an essential part of Google+. They’re the key to sharing. The great thing about circles is that they let you group people together based on how you think of them in real life. Use circles to:

  • Share jokes and secrets with your Best Friends circle
  • Put your most professional side forward when you post to your Work circle
  • Show your team spirit with posts to your Sport fanatics circle




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