Top Tips for using Vine within Social Media Marketing.

Vine first introduced itself to us on January 24, 2013,  a new application from Twitter that allows you to film and share mini six second maximum looping videos. A great simple to use App that has taken off for keen social media users with it’s ease for sharing across Twitter and Facebook.

As more and more people use Vine and it continues to grow in popularity, we take a look in to varied tips in to using this video capturing concept for business marketing purposes.


  • As with all video content, keep it all original and engaging ~ Remember words such as ‘Surprise’ & ‘Unexpectedness’.
  • Time lapse videos are great for the 6 second time frame you have for Vine videos.
  • Show the personality of your team, Vine videos allows for fun sharing of quick view videos… Much more engaging and viewable than long drawn out introduction videos commonly used on websites and YouTube.
  • Think ‘Teaser Videos’ – Use the Vine concept to introduce new brands / services that your company will soon be introducing, short and sweet yet leaving the viewers wanting to know more…
  • Share and promote your videos across other social media platforms. Vine videos are ideal for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc.
  • Use hashtags – Vine, like many other social media platforms allows for searchable hashtags before keywords.
  • Build an audience, follow other people and attract them to follow you back. Use the Vine logo on your website / emails etc to let people know that you are an active user!

Vine videos are very popular and addictive as they get the message across very quickly and usually highly effective. Remember to use the record and pause option to the best effect – Some of the best Vine videos are ones made up of many mini clips. Once your Vine video is done, make sure you are happy with it before releasing it for as with all social media, once it is out there, it is out there!!



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