TV Inspired Games

Roll out the red carpet, set up the game board, and prepare for an evening inspired by TV themed board and card games.

Taskmaster: The Secret Series Game – £24.99

Challenge your wit and creativity in the ultimate task-solving game inspired by the beloved TV show. Who will be the ultimate Taskmaster?

Based on the UK television show. Taskmaster is hosted by comedians Alex Horne and Greg Davies. In the show, a group of five celebrities, mainly comedians, attempt to complete a series of challenges, with Horne acting as umpire in each challenge and Davies, the Taskmaster, judging the work and awarding points based on contestants’ performances.

In Taskmaster: The Boardgame, players take it in turns to be The Taskmaster. You pick a card and read the task for everyone else to attempt, then you give them points according to how well they did. The task cards are in four categories (Kitchen, Living Room, Lab and Garden – rooms from the house in the TV show) and this gives you a rough idea of the sort of thing you’ll be doing.

There are also secret tasks that each participant attempts to complete without anyone knowing until the end of the game. Finally, there’s the final task. where all players get involved and Alex Horne makes an appearance!

The game is easy to learn and play and is intended for three to five players. You could also play in teams if you want to play with more. This is a great game for family and friends.

The Traitors 2023 Special Edition Card Game – £11.99

Dive into the world of intrigue and deception with this special edition card game. Can you spot the traitors among your friends?

Based on The Traitors TV Show, which features a group of contestants who must work together to eliminate the other contestants in order to win a grand prize, while the remaining contestants become Faithful and are tasked to discover and banish the Traitors by voting them out.

Trust no one in this darkly dramatic family game. Players work together to collect a hoard of golden treasure, but danger is lurking. Among you are Traitors – and every time Night falls there’s a good chance someone will attempt to commit a murder under the cover of darkness.

Secretly play the role of FAITHFUL or TRAITOR whilst working together to build up a central pot of gold. The Faithful must identify and banish the Traitors in their midst to win a share of the gold. The traitors must stay undetected until the end so that they can steal the prize fund.

Who Will Be Handed the Poisoned Chalice and Become The Traitor? Each player is assigned a role, with one of you being given the poisoned chalice and secretly becoming The Traitor of the group. Will you be banished by the Faithful’s vote or murdered by The Traitor? Every time an event card is drawn, there could be a murder or banishment. You need to make sure you’re not the victim of either. Whenever a murder comes up, someone will die, so the Faithful need to work together to find out who is working against them.

This travel-sized family card game is designed to fit in your bag to take anywhere with you. Indoors on a rainy day, or a cosy games night with friends or family. Suitable for 4-6 players, aged 8 years & over.


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