Twitter’s new profile feature does it matter?


Twitter new profile feature means twitter is definitely becoming more visual.

Twitter's new profile option is worth investigating

Twitter’s new profile option is worth investigating


If you want further evidence check out Twitter’s new profile  feature that rolled out this month. There is much more emphasis on design and images. You have the opportunity to design something really cool that will represent your brand or profile. Better still it will make a dramatic impact on anyone checking you out.

Gone are the days when people used to hide behind an egg head or a crazy handle.

Personally I have kept mine. After 5 years @supposeiam has become my personality I suppose! I wouldn’t recommend anyone thinking of joining twitter should do anything other than use something that tells everyone exactly who you are. Transparency and authenticity are an important aspect of contemporary social media practices. Twitter’s new profile underscores this by being ‘in yer face’. I mean, you can even see my wrinkles now!

Twitter’s new profile changes underscore how we all need to change regularly to stay fresh

If the thought of being creative for the new header image twitter kindly offers some custom headers. However when you consider how important your profile is as a calling or business card why would you want to add anything that isn’t exactly what represents you?


Spending time on a profile is an important aspect of setting up any professional account and should not be approached without some  attention to detail, to message, tone and impact.


So what is new about Twitter’s new  profile update? Does it really matter to you?


Well, no longer do your most successful tweets sink to the bottom like a stone. Those tweets that created a buzz of engagement will appear larger than the more run of the mill publications. This means your most important or best content is easy to locate and immediately gives browsers an idea of what you are about. So make use of the BEST TWEETS feature.

 Pinned tweets could be useful book markers for key content

Pinned tweets are useful book marks says Leadamo Academy

Pinned tweets are useful book marks says Leadamo Academy

You even have the opportunity to pin a tweet at the very top of the page. I have chosen one that I am proud of and would like to see gaining a little more recognition. This is another way for people to go straight to a key piece of content that shows them what you can do. I think the key is to change these regularly and not see a profile as static.

 Filter coffee, filtered tweets

Filtered tweets are interesting as you can now make a decision which timeline you would like to see when nosing around other people’s profiles. You have a menu that includes: Tweets, Tweets with images such as photos or videos. The other option is Tweets and replies.


Leadamo Academy will be keeping an eye on examples of good practice.

If you want to share a screen shot of your best efforts we would be happy to feature them in another blog post. As a writer I have made the decision to change mine regularly as a kind of diary entry. If I am working on a specific project I will feature it and change as I move focus. I am currently writing this blog post for Leadamo Academy in Australia as I am setting up a brand new academy. So my profile reflects this for example. I may change my mind, who knows? How will you use Twitter’s new profile changes? Do let us know.


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