Understanding Facebooks Updated News Feed Algorithm

Facebook has been making changes to its news feed algorithm (again!), the changes determine what users see in their news feeds. The latest update is designed to stop spam, you may unknowingly be sharing content that Facebook deems as spam, understanding how the algorithm works is vital to getting your posts in front of larger audiences and preventing your content from being targeted.

Don’t Like-Bait

Facebook warns users not to use what is called ‘like-baiting’; the practice of asking users to share, like or comment on your posts. This is widely used as a way to increase engagement and virality of posts.

With the latest set of updates these posts will appear less frequently than posts Facebook deems more relevant to a user. Instead of like-baiting ask your audience questions (the shorter the better) and post engaging content that gets a natural reaction from users.

Have I Seen This Before

Uploading the same content multiple times is a no no. Facebook is getting tougher on pages that share the same content many times; although done to make sure users have seen their content, Facebook look at this as a form of spam and in future these posts will not appear as frequently  in users news feeds.

Say No To Spam

Spammers are sharing links on Facebook that look like good content but actually take the user to a spammy page or ads. The algorithm update will ensure these types of posts appear less in users news feeds. Business pages should avoid sharing or interacting with posts of this kind on Facebook.

The latest round of algorithm updates shouldn’t affect business pages too much, but you should be aware of the updates to avoid your content being targeted. After all Knowledge is Power and Content is King!



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