Unhappy Customers Could Be Costing Your Business Money.

Today’s data-driven world has seen the ‘average customer’ crowned as king and reigned with power over it’s merely acquired businesses. With all nobility and greatness, your majesty can strike social media with a terrible review, creating a tsunami of budding customers dropping far and wide across the land.

In a world driven by data, it can become far too easy to mistake customers as data points rather than people. Yet the customer experience is a valuable factor can be the reasoning behind customers wanting to experience your brand again or publicly complain. As a result, it is essential to focus on providing customers the best experience possible and address problems as they may arise. Unhappy customers are costly but they don’t have to be if you take the right approach.

Here are six ways to unlock your despondent customers potential and turn them into a valuable aspect of your business:

  1. Customers are just like you and me; they’re people who get unhappy occasionally. Whether you made a careless error or something happened beyond your control, knowing about the situation and being able to address it will make for a better and stronger connection. When something goes wrong, work with the customer to heal that relationship.
  2. Online reviews is a great opportunity for promoting you’re doing well. Customers whom are on the fence about purchasing your services will be more likely to be persuaded if they see an excellent review. On the other hand, a high proportion of customers won’t buy from businesses with negative reviews. Monitor your online reviews accordingly.
  3. Customers who share negative experiences on social media are reaching a wider audience daily. Negative posts can cause havoc for your business. Monitor your social media accounts actively and respond to all feedback. Ignoring bad social media situations will only make things increasingly worse.
  4. Unhappy customers are just as likely to tell friends and family about their negative experience. Studies show that loyal customers will leave if offered a better customer service experience elsewhere. To avoid this situation your business must keep an open line of communication and offer customer incentives.
  5. In the content marketing revolution, you must be providing customers with high-valued information such as: blog posts, podcasts, interviews and how-to-videos. Content doesn’t cost much to create or market and it will build brand reputation, showing you as a influential figure in your industry.
  6. Show your existing customers appreciation occasionally by offering discounts and coupons through email campaigns. Show them why they’ll benefit from sticking with you and soon these customers will become loyal customers.


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