Utilising 5G In Modern Tech

The mobile market is moving extremely quickly and the introduction of 5G will only increase the opportunities available for developers and consumers alike – by offering speeds up to one hundred times faster than current available options. There will ofcourse be a time lag between availability, and although the availability is ready in some places, it may yet be some time before we see it used on a wider scale – but the opportunities that are presented here are exciting.

Emerging tech – The biggest use of 5G may be used within emerging technologies such as virtual reality, one of the bigger limiting factors for the use of mobile devices in some of this emerging technology is within networking, particularly upload speeds. Removing many of the limiting factors opens up the opportunity to push this emerging tech – often times more so than what is available at home, as this 5G connection in many cases is magnitudes faster  than many home connections.

Social media and entertainment habits – A bit part of our day to day is found within social media usage and entertainment options through streaming – a limiting factor for these platforms is often found within upload speed restrictions which make sharing dependent on on your access to a stronger connection – with that restriction removed, it’s likely these platforms can start pushing different options to open up what content creators and influencers are able to do.

Mobile gaming – One of the fastest growing markets in the world and a sector that fills a majority of mobile use, particularly in the hyper casual genres such as mobile gambling. There have been restrictions placed in genres like this recently, the introduction of initiatives such as Gamstop in the UK has forced operators to register abroad, out of the jurisdiction of initiatives such as this. There are options available, non gamstop casinos are still legitimate and widely played but the spread of 5G may offer more options for availability in mobile gaming, and ways in which operators can behave.

Utility usage – We’re using our mobile devices for more and more utility reasons too, one of the more exciting uses are being seen in automobiles as our phones are serving as a master key in electric vehicles, or as a master remote in our smart homes. The increasing networking options that 5G allows may help further progress what is available through these utility uses, and may also open up options for longer range use that may have been previously unavailable.

As mentioned, 5G is still around the corner for many whilst infrastructure is still put in place for it to be widely adopted, but many modern devices are equipped with the capability – once wider access is available we’ll start to see usage put in place in many of our commonly used apps and services and users will notice and immediate difference, given we’re likely to be using 5G for the longer term too, it’s also likely that many utilisations are already in place waiting to be activated.


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