Video and Social Media.

Having a video made to promote your business is certainly the first step in the process – these days, it’s not enough to just hire a video production company to make the video, it won’t just get seen by itself, you need to promote it, push it and keep doing so to ensure people see it. Get out there and do some video marketing!

The video is essentially a product which promotes your product, service, venue or event…whatever it may be. And just as with your product itself, no one will know about it unless it’s put there in front of them by utilising the advertising and social media options available to you. It’s an advertising tool after all!

You need to find the right audience for your video.

First of all, put it up on YouTube – as you may know, it’s the second largest search engine after Google (and is owned by Google!) and is an outlet for the video which shouldn’t be missed. Get your YouTube channel branded in accordance with your companies’ brand – images, colours, wording etc. If you need help setting the channel up, ask us. We have done a large number for our clients now once the video has been edited for them.


The Silvertip Films YouTube Channel.

Ensure you keyword the video appropriately – any words with relate to the video content and things that people are likely to search for themselves. These will be picked up by YouTube and allow it to show in searches.

Also, as YouTube is linked to Google, these keywords will enhance your SEO on Google.

This leads onto the next step – you will want to have the video in pride of place on your website and rather than embedding and hosting on your server, why not do that via your YouTube host of the video? Your bandwidth isn’t hit then each time the video is viewed but by adding keywords to the video and the page you embed it onto on your site, your SEO will be further enhanced and benefit your Google searches further.

Then you need to step into the world of Social Media and use the various sites to get the video out. At minimum, creating a profile for your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest would be a good idea. Brand them in the same way you did your YouTube by following your websites lead. Find and follow / target people who are related to your business, who have an interest in what you do, sell or make, and send them the video to view and, hopefully, share. Then, invite friends and customers to like your Facebook page – it all starts with them helping to promote you in the first place! Then search Twitter to find people and companies with similar interests to you and follow them. They will in turn follow you, all being well, meaning they will see your tweets.

When you then tweet a link to the video or post it as a status on Facebook, more people will see it than those specifically searching for the subject matter. If you can engage with your likes and followers so that they will retweet and share your video, then it reaches a further audience you wouldn’t have initially had access to.

It isn’t a quick and simple process but keep at it and with the right social connections in the right places; you can get your video seen by more people and get your business or product out to more potential customers.

Good luck!

Get in touch with us to discuss your next video and to see what we can do for your business.



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