Ways to drive web traffic to your business.

On line marketing is a profession so many businesses will find that they struggle to get a strong hold on this aspect of their business, many spending countless hours without any real return on investment (ROI). Once mastered, successful online marketing can be very rewarding, building brand awareness and profitable web traffic who have a firm interest in, or make direct purchases of your products / services.

There are many factors that help you to build your web traffic to your website / capture website (ie Amazon page, Ebay page, Facebook page, Pinterest boards etc).

Social Media.

Without doubt, the fastest growing trend on the web. A strong social media presence on your most actively used by your target market platforms can increase your profile status as well as drive key target audiences to your website. There are many social media platforms to choose from and many host millions and even billions of members for you to connect with. Combine social media with your quality branding, content, videos, website, blogs etc and you will undoubtedly see growing results.


To have a strong and professional branding for your business will set you apart from many other companies that you see are competitors. It is very easy to spot a business that has gone that little bit further to acquire a strong and professional logo / branding, many companies choose to attempt this themselves or indeed purchase stock imagery to populate their websites…


Many people have ventured in to using videos for their businesses, YouTube has come along way since it launch in the mid 2,000’s. Now that there are so many videos to choose to view, one really needs to come up with a great new idea to get the required amount of views to their video to see a ROI. Viral is a big word in video marketing, long gone are the days that you can simply film a video of your office / staff and place it on your website and expect to attract warm reviews and a response. We need to now step away from cheap do it yourself videos, cheap slideshows or animations… Professional filming, well scripted videos and branding will increase your chances of your video being seen and your business attracting target interest.


Such a massive part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a real necessity in your on line marketing. Write relevant content that are commonly questions in your industry… Educate, Entertain and Engage your audience with informative blogs and post then on your website, across social media and subscribe to and post to relevant groups on social media as well as blog hosting websites.


The whole point of your on line marketing efforts is to drive traffic to your main website / web page. If you work extremely hard to build an audience on social media, gain trust from your branding, views on your video and readers to your blog, then you surely must invest in having a quality website to engage your visitors? It is the most important part of your marketing jigsaw and will see all your efforts to build traffic either ruined or converted in to customers.


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