Ways to Turn Social Media Fans Into Raving, Loyal Customers!

Any good marketing person will tell you that your brand and it’s values are vital to your business success. Across Social Media you are able to convey your business message to millions and turn customers from happy ones in to raving fans.

Raving Fans? This term is used for people who are in love with a brand such as those who follow and adore the Apple brand (some in fact have no Apple products yet still rave about the design and style of Apple). The idea behind a raving fan is that they not only offer positive feedback about your products / services to you, but also share their experiences with their own network.

How to turn customers in to Raving Fans:

  • Run a regularly updated and engaging social media account(s). Give your customers a place to talk via your actively maintained page.
  • Be open to listen to feedback from your clients and respond to them if their comments are positive or negative. Fix any mistakes and problems FAST!
  • Use social media to thank your regular customers and┬áconsider offering them an incentive, such as a discounts or free gifts. There is no better marketing method than receiving recommendations from your clients who are over the moon with your services / products.┬áNever underestimate the power of gratitude and appreciation.
  • When someone likes you, they want to tell their friends about you so use social media as a human, be a person behind an account, use your name and even add a photo of yourself.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to share bits of your knowledge with customers by sharing educational and engaging content.




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