Websites, Social Signals And Niche Marketing- Where Do You Begin?

With the new year behind us, many agents are looking to re-evaluate their on-line presence. With Google constantly changing their algorithms and targeted SEO becoming even more of a hot topic, mastering your real estate niche on-line is going to be critical.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to be in the good books with Google. It doesn’t hurt to follow these if you want to get your niche noticed! These are some of the most accepted strategies amongst the SEO experts!


1)      Google is getting smarter and smarter at finding man made quality content on-line. The robotic “spun” content of the past that is recycled over and over will not be effective any more.

2)      Brands are good on Google! Google applied for a patent on an algorithm technology to decipher brands. This mean you should be building your OWN brand!

3)      Become a certified Google Author. It not only builds credibility, it also helps you rank much much much more than just a standards user.

4)      Social signals will be another critical measurement. Who is sharing your content? How popular are you in your social circles? How do your social circles engage with your content? Also, are YOU sharing others content, engaging in others social feeds?

5)      Blogging is NOT dead! With the launch of Google Hummingbird, there has been an even greater shift towards engaging, original and relevant content. Blogging is a simple and effective way to provide this content as well as give it your personal flair. (Perfect when building a niche audience!)

6)      Some of the big real estate content sites are realizing the value of hyper local marketing and are shifting their attention over. We still have an opportunity to stay ahead of them but it needs to be done before the big guys move in. That is why NOW is the best time to find your niche!


So if you are new to your real estate niche or a seasoned vet, make sure you follow these basic guidelines when developing your on-line presence.



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