Welcome to Leadamo the application that will revolutionise your social media management.

Leadamo helps you become your own Social Media Manager. We are so excited as this week sees the launch of the Leadamo application. We can’t believe it but this little critter has spent the last twelve months in development. Now we are ready to unveil a product we know will change the lives of business people who are struggling to make effective use of social media.

If you are a hard pressed, macro business, micro business, small enterprise you will appreciate the difficulty of devoting time to all aspects of social media. We all know it’s absolutely essential to have an active social presence but how? Time constraints, budget constraints all impact on our ability to function effectively on our platforms of choice.

We have developed Leadamo to overcome those difficulties.

The Brand New Leadamo Social Media Management Application has 4 core features:

My Feed where you can view your social media conversations and update them in a single place.

Schedule Messages to keep your brand active on social media whilst you are at work.

Social Manager we teach you social media strategy and tell you what to do to keep your presence active alongside a daily progress update.

Lead Discovery  The application will use  keywords, phrases and trends relating to your business, to generate relevant leads for you

For each social media message, you will have the option to manage those leads, by tracking any comments, the lead status and any tasks required in order to convert the lead.

Lead Management where all your leads are stored together in one place for you to manage easily. Update the status, add comments and tasks for your leads

Reports where all your Leadamo activity will be recorded in easily accessible summaries. This includes your social profile growth, leads and which of your products or services are performing well.

In addition, during the past year we have set up the Leadamo Academy to train anyone interested in improving their knowledge and social media practice. Leadamo is the ultimate package when it comes to social media management.

We are now looking for small businesses (That’s You!) to use and comment on the application and help us to develop Leadamo further. We want to provide the features you really need. To become a beta tester and be in the front line click here and sign up for free.

Welcome to the future of social media management.


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