What Doctors, Dentists And Vets Don’t Know About Marketing

Medical practices are run by professionals with years of training in their chosen field. But there’s one area where dentists, doctors and vets suck: and that’s marketing their business. When times get tough, most practitioners think that the best thing to do is to cut back on marketing efforts. But more often than not, this is counterproductive and sets your practice back. Remember, marketing your practice doesn’t always have to cost buckets of money. In fact, many promotional activities are essentially free. Take a look at these ideas.


Advertise In The Yellow Pages




Even in a world dominated by digital technology, there’s still a place for the phone book. Many of your patients will be from the older generation and not too interested in searching for you online. So make sure that you place an ad in the Yellow Pages to boost your business.


Develop A Newsletter




Many practitioners wonder; why bother with a newsletter? Well, for starters, it’s a great way to show off the services that you offer. Perhaps a patient doesn’t know you offer whitening services as well as veneers, for example. But this form of advertising needs to be paired with something that gives patients real value. Make sure that each of your newsletters has some sort of theme – like how to protect your teeth from acid erosion. And then give patients useful advice that they can use on a daily basis.


Be Up Front About Fees




Your patients don’t expect you to be like a car salesman, trying to close a deal. So don’t act like one. Be honest about the treatment that they need. But don’t try to force it on them. Be clear on the cost of medical and dental supplies. And be transparent on fees. The clearer you are about pricing, the more your clients will be able to budget for your services.


Have A Front-Desk Person Give A Tour


When a new client turns up at your practice, it’s a good idea to be proactive and show them round. Use this as an opportunity to show them the services that they can expect, as well as the expertise you have. Being shown around also creates a good impression and shows the customer that you care about customer service. Give the patient the opportunity to make notes and ask questions, and deal with patient concerns head-on.


It’s also a good idea that the receptionist has a quick chat with the patient about their primary health concerns. Patients won’t often turn up out of the blue. Instead, there will be something in particular that they are worried about. A great marketing strategy, therefore, is to focus on how your practice is set up to deal with their specific problems.


Set Up Multiple Financing Options




Modern businesses, especially consumer-facing businesses, need multiple methods of payment. Practices should approach merchant banking providers to accept credit cards. And they should look into monthly financing options, if applicable. Local banks may agree to offer loans to patients accepting private care that can then be paid back over time.



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