What is and how to become a Social Media Influencer

The term social media influencer is becoming a more and more popular descriptive for some of the more well known faces / accounts on social media. We see headlines with this term on that include both negative and positive themes, we hear big monies earned and stardom reached thanks to certain accounts that we can find on platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and more.

So what exactly is a Social Media Influencer?

Alongside influencer marketing, it is about building an audience based on the knowledge you share – Mostly this is on the internet stage, though you can very well be an influencer on television, radio, magazines or even down your local pub. A social media influencer will be some person / some business account that holds an active audience base gained from sharing their relevant knowledge on social network channels and these accounts will most likely have an influence such as how people react and purchase.

In most examples a social media influencer will have a theme to their account(s), have large followings, deliver regular content on trending stories / products / services and will also command commissions / salaries.

You can become a social media influencer on nearly any and all subjects from restaurants in Paris to local politics – The idea is that you are able to influence your followers such as which restaurant to visit in Paris or which political party to steer clear of in the local elections.

More and more people are becoming social media influencers and this is not just an overnight occurrence – Many will have worked at their subject on social media for a long while and naturally gained an audience that recognise them and follow their updates within a set subject.

As national media outlets are losing audiences in that many have political agendas and are not delivering factual and truthful information, many people are moving over to social media and key influencers to get their news and updates from.

How do you become a Social Media Influencer?

Though the process maybe simple, it will take your time and efforts, it will require of you to know your subject more or less inside and out and be very up to date of latest news and trends. You may have to invest in quality hardware such as cameras and a PC or specialised software and also you will need to set aside time which can be very difficult if you are working already full time which may social media influencers started off as being before their stardom.

Some key factors to get you on the road to success in the world of social media influencers includes:

  • Decide upon your niche. What is it you wish to focus your attention on and potentially become an influencer in – Decide by researching what is already being done and if so required, come at the subject in a different way. Do not be put off though if already there are others doing what you want to do, you can always be bigger and better if you put your mind to it.
  • Create your brand. You will need a name (ideally capture a website URL too) and make sure that this name is available on the social media platform(s) you wish to use. Spend some time / money on branding your channels professionally.
  • Create content. This is what will attract you an audience, your content and how well you deliver it and how frequently. Think outside the box, report in your own style, review in a niche way, relate to what you think an audience would want to see. Try your best to be consistent with your style and theme as this is what people will connect with you for being.
  • Build a relationship with your audiences. As you grow your viewers / likes / followers you will need to make sure you engage with them such as looking out for comments and replying, thanking people for following, ask people their feedback. This will increase to giveaways and competitions as you grow.
  • Become a business person and marketeer. Once you have a sizeable audience then it has a value not only to you, but also to others. Network yourself to likely sponsors and other parties whom you feel would want to get in front of your audiences as companies are very likely to pay you or at least work with you such as providing you with items to review. You should also market yourself as a social media influencer going forwards as there is nothing wrong with this job title – Do not be afraid to contact national media channels and put yourself out there as an expert and influencer in your field.
  • Backup. You should also try to build yourself at least a blogging website whereas you can capture the likes of subscribers and customers – Point them to this website via your social media presense. You are in danger that if you build up your business on a social media channel that if ever you have your account cancelled or suspended then you have lost your whole business – Back things up by keeping your brand independent of social media just in case by way of your very own website.
  • Dismiss haters and trolls. This is hard and for many not an easy one to adhere to, but as you grow your profile online you will attract jealous haters who will do their best to put you off, share fake stories, abuse you and more. Trolls will also be present with sometimes hidden agendas and their goal is to bring you down – Dismiss them, laugh at them, ignore their jealousy and if you have to mute or block / report them – Remember than some may simply be your business rivals in disguise! Flip side of this is that you will have many who love you, appreciate you, give great feedback and support your success.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Marketme and other online news channels with big social media followings. You will find me mostly writing about property, housing, politics, and fine wine.