Few countries in the world have adopted online shopping like the Brits have. In fact, according to recent figures, more shoppers than ever have been spurning the high street in favour of buying goods in the comfort of their own home.

This sounds fine for clothing and other common high street items, but what about big-ticket, potential once in a lifetime purchases like your home? The reality is that even the real estate market is moving over to the web, and if you’re looking to sell you’ll need to know the options available to you.

Online Estate Agents versus the High-Street?

Any high-street real estate agent will tell you that, even if an online company can offer lower fees, what they can’t compete on is knowledge of the local area. However, many online agents also employ local experts that can personally visit your property for a valuation.

Traditional estate agent fees can range from as low as 0.75% to more than as 3% plus standard VAT. Online agencies, that don’t have to worry about expense high-street leasing contracts, can pass those savings on to and often work on the lower end of this spectrum though. The House Network can even offer additional plans that start from just £699 including VAT.

Contemplating Instant Cash Offers

You may have heard of some firms who will offer you an instant cash price on any home. This can be tempting, especially if you’re in need of a quick sell as the money can often be in your account within a working week. These types of deals are generally more suited to properties in poor condition, though, such as those that have become unmanageable due to neglect.

Property buyers can often pick up homes like these for cheap with the intention of remodeling them and flipping them for a large profit. In many cases, however, the work is more than initially expected and, for inexperienced developers especially, the property can become a huge burden.

Can I Avoid the Fees Completely?

Sites like Zoopla and RightMove allow buyers to easily see what’s in their local area. However, these sites will typically only accept listings from licensed agencies, which means you can’t eliminate the fees entirely if you decide to go this route.

For those determined to cut out the middlemen, start thinking outside the box. Social media platforms, like Facebook, as these are completely free to use and, through local groups, you can advertise the availability of your property and even post a tour of the home in an attached video. Remember, though, negotiating a private sale like this can be difficult, and you risk alienating a large number of potential buyers.

There’s no way to sell your home that’s perfect for everyone. You’ll have to assess your current situation and think about which model makes the most sense for you. Don’t be afraid to try multiple approaches at the start to which sticks best.


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