Top 3 careers that don’t require a university degree

Not all careers have to start from a university degree or formal educations. Some of today’s most innovative trades require as much dedication as their most traditional counterparts, but, unlike most of them, are less restrictive when it comes to analysing your personal background. We decided to take a closer look at inspiring careers that don’t require a very specific CV to be started.

Beauty Therapist

Becoming a doctor is not the only way to make patients happy. A beauty therapist can have a great impact on a patient’s well-being and confidence, so much so it is one of the most gratifying jobs out there. One of the most encouraging aspects of choosing to become a beauty therapist is the state of the industry in the UK. With no negative signs in sight, choosing to become a beauty therapist now means choosing a long and fruitful career. To become a beauty therapist, you can usually start as an assistant and then look for training options during your first years at work. Salary-wise, you can expect around £12,000 for entry level positions and up to £20,000 for salon managers.

Ambulance Paramedic

Few jobs can be as crucial for the health of people around you. Becoming an ambulance paramedic is not just about picking up the phone. From road accidents to natural catastrophes and everyday emergencies, ambulance paramedics are always on the frontline.  Helping patients who call 999 and are in a situation of danger, ambulance paramedics focus on first aid treatment for patients. Their role is vital to maintain a healthy community and save lives in the most complex situations. You can join the paramedics ranks by completing an HPC-approved qualification and then get enough training and experience to climb up the ranks and become a qualified paramedic. Expect a salary between £21,000 and £27,000 as well as the privilege of making a real difference for the community.

Hazardous Waste Manager
This is a job not everyone would have the guts to deal with. If you’re a hard-working person with a can-do attitude and passion for the environment, however, being a hazardous waste manager comes with great benefits, such as the average yearly salary of £38,000, which is above that of most professions not requiring university education. The position implies great responsibility, so before giving it a try you would have to make sure you have good managerial skills in order to ensure hazardous materials are kept safe and employees are working in the ideal conditions. If you’re after this kind of role, you should mostly seek private-sector jobs within corporations trying to reduce their environmental impact.


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