What message your Logo Convey about your Brand?

Your Logo happens to appear first in your business portfolio. It makes the first impression. A professional image with a well-structured theme holds the key of whether you will win a customer or not. A well-crafted logo gives a reason to look further across your company’s document; brochure, website, advertorial, template, business card etc. Your company’s logo must hold a meaning to inspire customers. A failed logo means losing out on business. So what makes a successful logo?

When crafting a logo for your brand consider the following points:

The Purpose of Business:

Every business serves a definite purpose. What does your business do? The very purpose of a business must be embedded in the company Logo. Perhaps you have seen the logo of the Red Cross Society; A plus Symbol in Red Color over a white back ground. The Red Cross help people in times of War and Peace and their logo says it correctly.  Find your unique ways to say in a symbol, why you and your business matters to the world.

Target Audience:

Many factors shall come into play at this point. For example your specific niche in what your company deals; the age group of your customers, social and economic strata of your audience. Are you a high end restaurant or a 24*7 taxi service? The signs and symbols should be themed around interests of your prospects.

Use of Colors and Graphics:

Green goes well with nature; Stars are meant for Solar System; Binary works well with digital space. Experiment with thousands of colors and shades before you select your final one. You cannot change your color scheme too often especially for your company logo. This will establish your company’s brand identity.  Be mindful while crafting theme for your logo. Experiment before the world sees and start recognizing your brand in a certain color and picture patterns.

Visibility Medium:

How will people see your logo; through a website or blog / TV News or YouTube Video / Newspaper or Magazine advertisement or business cards? A picture looking awesome in one medium may look terrible in another medium. Brainstorm before you toss the image in front of those rolling eyes. Beauty wins hearts, so does your logo. It should be worth to watch for.

To sum up your company logo shall represent the following points

  • Professionalism
  • Brand Value
  • Care for Audience
  • Latest with the Industry Trends
  • Uniqueness

Brainstorm with your logo designer before printing a picture as your company logo. A winning picture will have the potential to win more customers for you.


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