What sort of social media account will a landlord have?

Think about it for a second, in a previous post, we decided most landlords were aged 40 to 70, middle class, wore a shirt a tie and had a decent job. I am being very general, but I think that is a fair thing to say.

Everyone says you need a social media campaign to get landlords. To do it right, it means applying highly developed social media skills to learn exactly WHERE your potential landlords / vendors are talking and WHAT they are talking about …and whilst you are at it, you need to be conscious of the conversations landlords are having about you, your competitors or our lettings and estate agency industry. (see Vanessa Warwick’s excellent Property Tribes website http://www.propertytribes.com/ Mark Alexander’s Property118 website http://www.property118.com/

Then you can extend and cultivate online landlords who are actively interested in your kind of product or service. So how do you do that? Well on our social media training, I teach my business owners, that the best way to access all this priceless information is to listen.

The Internet is the first place three quarters of people go when they’re thinking of buying something. Listening means applying social media to find out exactly where your potential customers are talking, whether that’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or on other platforms.

So think on? Would a 52 year, business owner with a few rental properties, a landlord more likely have a PIN interest account, twitter account, Facebook account, Ask.FM (no I havent heard of it either but I am told the koolkids hang out with it), SnapChat or a Linkedin account? (answer at the end)

This is the stage of identifying the most effective sources of leads and creating mechanisms for attracting them, with effective, targeted content. Having drawn prospects in with educational, expertise led content, you ensure that you have successful and efficient methods in place to gather that information.

Does it work, well one of my letting agents that I give advice to puts his growth (in turnover) of £100,000 per year, and every year for the last 3 years, full square on social media. .. but what type of social media???? … a blog. .. but no ordinary blog.. a blog that only takes him 8 minutes a day to write and brings him so much business. There is no ‘top ten tips for landlords’ in his blog nor how to serve a section 21 notice .. no no no .. his is lot $exier! One of the services I offer is to teach other letting agents how to write a blog or if you want, I can write it for you.

Answer to the Question above…. most 50 to 70 year olds wont have a social media account, but if they did, it would probably be Linkedin


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