What’s Letting Your Website Down?

We all know the importance of a good website. Without one, people will struggle to find your business and will be more likely to favour your competition. But having a bad website is almost worse than having no website at all.


If you’re struggling to hold people’s attention when it comes to your website, then it’s time to give it a thorough appraisal and make some changes.


What’s letting your website down? Read on and see if any of the following sound familiar.

A cluttered, busy homepage

A website that’s cluttered, busy and distracting can look garish to a casual web user. Seeing too much on the front page can be a big turn-off, and make people click the X button in a flash. Your homepage should be simple, inviting and provide just enough info to make someone want to stick around. Some top homepage examples can show you how it’s done.


Consider hiring a web design expert who understands the latest trends and can focus on creating a strong website for you. A refreshed website is something that will make people take an interest and can signal a fresh start for your business.

Cringe stock photography

Stock photography can be useful when you don’t have the opportunity to go out and capture your own content, but it can also be very very bad when you choose the wrong photo. Stock photography is often ridiculed – there are even websites dedicated to it!


Having effective photography is important for your business, especially when it comes to marketing purposes. Remember that when using photos on your website and strive to use better images that help give the best impression of your business.

Slow load times

Having a website that loads slowly can be something that drives people away, and they might never come back. People’s attention spans are getting shorter, and if a viewer has to wait too long for your website to load, they’ll likely move on and go elsewhere.


Increase your bandwidth and pay to use a good hosting platform. If you can keep your website simple and reduce how many images you use, you should be able to bring your website back up to speed and give people an improved user experience.

Too much information 

Your website needs to feature content, but having too much can be damaging – think everything in moderation! Keep your web content simple and easy to follow, with a layout that’s easy for people to read. Scale back on your written content and try using more visual elements to deliver your message. You’ll find that people won’t miss the words as long as they get the information they need. Work out a content strategy going forward and think about how you can reduce the amount of information featured on your website.


Making some much-needed changes to your website will help you make the right impression on visitors, as well as make sure that your website stays current and relevant. Need some more ideas on how you can use tech to your advantage? Check out some modern tech ideas that could just save your business.



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