3 Ways a Refurb Can Transform Your Business

How often do you think about your working environment? For most of us, the daily grind and the rush towards deadlines means we barely have time to notice the office walls, let alone consider how the environment affects our business. But high-quality workspaces increase wellbeing and productivity. Plus, there are likely ways you could increase the overall cost-effectiveness of your business through careful refurbishment. 


A good refurbishment can… 

Impress your clients


If your office ever hosts clients, it’s vital your space is creating the right impression! Ever wondered what that impression is? Obviously, your area will be clean and tidy whenever a client visits. But thoughtless layout and design can create an equally poor impression. 


You want the layout, design and branding of your office space to be in sync with your business purpose and values. This covers everything from how open your office is, to the kind of lighting and colour scheme you employ. 


Your clients will likely spend the most time in your meeting rooms, so this is a great place to start on your refurbishment journey. Think about redecorating, so the room is inviting, fresh, and represents your brand. 


Consider installing audio-visual elements to make it easier to present. Even the furniture is essential. You want the chairs to be comfortable and the table to invite discussion, which is why a round table is a perfect choice. It’s worth investing in quality since this will subtly communicate that you’re a trustworthy and authoritative business. 


Improve your team’s productivity 


Refurbing your office could see employee wellbeing and productivity soar. Consider how you can maximise natural sunlight and healthy air flow, to start. Collaboration and flexibility is the name of the game in modern workspaces, so you need areas that can facilitate this. 


Since exercise is vital to health and can give a huge energy boost, savvy businesses make it easier for their employees to be active. If you have the space available, consider installing shower facilities and adding bike storage. Stand-sit desks are becoming increasingly popular as we become aware of how unhealthy it is to sit all day. Installing a few of these to give your employees the option of standing is a good idea, as well as creating meeting spaces that facilitate quick stand-up meetings. Fit out companies can help you to plan a more efficient and productive workspace. 


Boost your curb appeal 


Does your business rely on customers coming in off the street? If so, a refurb can help you to boost that all-important curb appeal. The right storefront signage will optimise your brand, but there are plenty of other things to invest in, too.


 Make sure the exterior of your building is freshened up with new paint and with sparkling windows. Add some lighting to draw attention to your business front in the twilight hours. You can even think about adding on-street signage, intriguing artwork in the windows, or some planters to add visual interest and attract people’s gaze. The exterior of your business should convey the message of your brand, so your target audience is immediately intrigued by what you have to offer. 



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