What’s the difference between a Blogger and a Media Publisher?

There are many influential people and websites online and if you are looking to get in to the world of blogging then some of these sites, especially those that are set within your target market, you should be researching and following the updates of. Millions of bloggers with millions of blogs along with millions of social media accounts means that you have to work hard to become a successful blogger!

What is a Media Publisher?

I see a media publisher more like a news / information channel that is likely to be a larger scale business with staff and offices such as say Daily Mail online or UK property news channels like Estate Agent Networking – Here regular news updates are posted, usually daily, and the goal is to attract advertisers to list with them thanks to their extensive traffic / subscribers.

What is a Blogger?

I see this more as a single person with a specific blogging website that concentrates on one topic and releases content to their audiences who have gathered because they appreciate their content. Likely to be someone who blogs as a hobby, part time or even full time, working from home most likely and regularly communicates directly with their subscribers. They will also likely use a social media channel to engage with their audiences looking to build a personal relationship with them.

Many times Media Publishers and Bloggers will combine in that bloggers will be invited to write for media publishers. The two are not in war against each other and in fact compliment themselves and help to increase the value of content marketing online as a whole.

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Christopher Walkey

Founder of Marketme and other online news channels with big social media followings. You will find me mostly writing about property, housing, politics, and fine wine.