5 tips to beat Writers Block

A common problem for many writers and probably most common an issue for online bloggers, Writers Block can really halt your progress when you have that all important article to release.

Each and everyday millions of articles, press releases, blogs, letters, emails and more are sent and shared globally. From newspapers to websites millions of us will be in the business of writing being it as a full time blogger or journalist, pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard, we are seeking that next great piece to release.
I have written over 1,000 blogs and articles over recent years initially for others and more recently for my own websites and publications. Many times, especially in the early days, I would sit there staring at a blank screen for ages or endlessly type a sentence or two and repeatedly delete them as I was simply not getting a rythem going.
In more recent times I find writing as a whole enjoyable, relaxing, positively challenging and importantly highly profitable.
So what tips can I share with you that I have mastered over the years to beat Writers Block?
Good practise. I find myself nowadays more frequently taking photos of Interesting situations from graffiti on the wall to unkempt gardens with in mind that they may come in useful for future blogs (I prefer to use my own copyrighted photos over those simply grabbed from others or via free to use stock image websites). I will also write down, and usually send via an email to myself, titles of articles that spring to my mind whilst I have time on my hands ie travelling on the tube, last one I made up was ‘Are you drinking Prosecco naked?’. With a database of photos and titles you are building your very own library of content to initiate / aid you in writing.
Google. It is quite simply really, if you have a topic / them to write about and Writers Block attacks you, type in keywords in to Google and undoubtedly many example articles will appear in the results of which you can read, take ideas from, use facts, quotes and more.
Get yourself comfortable. If Writers Block attacks then remove yourself away from your computer / paper and instead brew some tea / coffee, take an early lunch, take a walk which will help to de-clutter your mind and relax you down. If you are comfortable and under less stress (for some) you will have a clearer mind and fresh approach to writing and getting your article underway. At times it also pays to close the laptop lid (especially if it is late at night) and start again the next day. Dare I say, pour yourself a glass of wine – this works wonders for me!
Opposite. Sometimes Writers Block is down to you simply starting off on the wrong foot. The image, title or first few words is simply not doing your creative mind any good.  In the past I have completely stopped writing that article, saved it, and then opened a new word document and looked for a new title and image.
Research stats and surveys. This can really help with writers block. Surprising facts and especially from survey results can be the nucleus of your article, an example is a recent blog on Prosecco I wrote with a key and focal point being stats of ‘in eight years Prosecco sales to the UK have increased from 12 million to over 112 million’ – this opens up a new dimension for what the theme my article was going to take.
Reading. Sometimes to beat writers block it can help to read someone else’s work here is a list of the 100 Best Books to build your business in 2019 to help you out

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Marketme and other online news channels with big social media followings. You will find me mostly writing about property, housing, politics, and fine wine.