Where are we Tweeting from? Fun and bizarre places we send Tweets from!

Where are we Tweeting from? Fun and bizarre places we send Tweets from!

With internet access becoming more and more mobile we are now able to access and update social media from many situations in many locations. So the Tweets we are seeing on our timelines might just be originating from:

The Bath. As we sit there soaking in warm, bubbly water we are never that far away from our mobile phones and many of us check our social media accounts taking great care to not drop our phones in the water! Waterproof mobiles are becoming increasingly popular so it is now less risk than ever to send a Tweet from the bath.

The Loo! Don’t deny that you know exactly what we are talking about!

School. Mobiles may be banned in some classes, though the popularity of social media with children still means that updates are originating from some of the boring classes!

Holiday / Beaches / Piste. You plan to get away from it all, but social media doesn’t fall in to that list. Many people track their every move, update their location and treat us to Tweets from the golden beaches of tropical islands or the powered white slopes of the Alps.

Driving. We recommend this not to be the case, especially when driving as many accidents are caused by people using mobiles when driving. People do check their social media latest updates from the drivers seat (unfortunately).

Shopping. Standing in the queue gives us the perfect opportunity to take out your mobile and check what’s new on social media, you might even Tweet Sainsbury or Tesco to moan about food prices or slow check out staff.

In Bed. Place to sleep and… But no, as our mobile phones remain less than three metres away from us most of each and everyday, many of us are Tweeting between the sheets!

Space. Space? Yes indeed, for sure many of you would have followed the updates recently from NASA astronaut Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer.

Deep Sea. USF’s solar-powered, underwater robot is able to analyze ocean conditions, report back to humans on land and Tweet from the depths via @Tavros02.



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