Whistl: Changing the Delivery Game for SME’s

Whenever we think of economic growth, are thoughts are usually drawn to large scale corporations and big business deal. This reflects a serious misconception, however, as  Barack Obama and David Cameron have both alluded to the fact that small and medium sized enterprises are central to long-term economic growth. Such a bold statement can certainly be supported by recent statistics, with leading financial organisation Barclays Banks reporting that small businesses are among the fastest growing in the UK and continuing to expand further.

While tenacious and proactive small business owners must take a great deal of credit, this economic movement has been empowered by a select band of service providers and partners. Take Whistl, for example, which is the rebranded face of TNT Post and a company that is aiming to change the boundaries for delivery services in the UK. More specifically, it has committed to creating a diverse and flexible range of service options for business owners, which cater to companies of all scopes and sizes. Whether you need to send multiple small parcels daily or ship larger packages overseas, Whistl will let you personalise your service to strike the ideal balance between cost and efficiency.

From a small business perspective, this offers a significant advantage. Some industries (such as the construction and international logistic sectors) remain heavily reliant on official, paper-based documentation, while global product distributors are also required to ship goods in variable quantities on a daily basis. This provides a large and unavoidable operational cost, which can divert money from more strategic requirements that have a direct impact on bottom line profit. By delivering a flexible and affordable range of delivery services throughout multiple industries, small firms can drastically reduce their operational costs while creating a larger budget for tasks such as sales and marketing.


This article was written on behalf of deliver service experts Whistl.


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