Whoops! Mistakes You Need To Avoid At Your Conference

If you have a conference on the calendar for your business, you need to think of it as a grand opportunity. It’s the chance to make an impact, maximize interest and ensure that people are aware of your company. You can also attract potential investors and ensure that the reach of your business expands. New customers will come into the fold, and if you’re lucky, it can also be the first step towards expansion. But there’s a lot that can go wrong at a conference that can make it a complete disaster. Here are some of the worst mistakes you can make.


All Work And No Play


It makes for a very dull day. A business conference isn’t just about presenting the plans for your business. It’s about impressing customers, clients and ensuring that they feel taken care of. You can’t do that if it’s all about the work. Don’t get the wrong idea, conveying success is important but it needs to be fun too. Think about arranging a guest speaker or an afternoon activity that’s completely different from morning talks from officials in your business. It could be anything. You might hire a band, give your guests a great meal or even rent out an entire hotel. It’s all about making an impact and ensuring that clients and business partners, as well as investors, feel connected to your company.


No Backup Plans


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You will no doubt be using a lot of tech for your business conference. What happens if this tech breaks down? The answer is not much at all. Indeed, it’s likely that you’ll have to either cancel the conference or proceed without the tech. That’s why you need to make sure that you have a backup plan for any tech that you’re using. You can either bring your own if the venue you’re using is offering to provide it or rent it out online. It’s entirely your choice.


Weather Worries


If you use companies like Calder Conferences to plan your event, they’ll do everything to make sure that nothing can go wrong. But, most business owners cut costs by not bothering to hire a pro event organizer. As such, they miss out key details like making sure there’s somewhere to go inside if it’s an outdoor conference and it rains. Or, at least ensuring there’s gazebos ready to be setup in the event of a summer shower. You might be thinking, surely business events aren’t staged outside are they? Well, you’d be surprised, and that brings us to our final point.


Too Ordinary


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If you’re interested in making your conference a tremendous hit you need to break the mold. It’s possible that your business partners and investors will be attending more than your conference that year. There are literally hundreds of conferences run by businesses in America and the UK alone. So you do need to think of offering a USP. This could be anything as simple as a special guest to a tech extravaganza. You just need to make sure that it’s your brand everyone is talking about and that your company is the one trending.


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