Why an Event is a Great Way to Market Your Business

An event is a perfect way to attract potential customers to your business, educate them about what you do and build a positive brand image. Offer them something for free, it could be food, drink or just fun, and while they’re there, you have the opportunity to promote your business. It’s a useful way to demonstrate your products and services face to face, and create a fun environment where people can learn more about your business while having a good time. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering this more unexpected form of marketing. 



One of the first things to decide is where your event will be held. Will you be hosting the event in your business premises, or will you be hiring out a function or event room? If you have significant sized business premises, then you could hold it there, otherwise consider hiring out a function or event room or even an outdoor location if it’s during the warmer months. Consider the size and location; it should be big enough for everyone as well as being an easy place for everyone to find. 



To increase your chances of success, you need as many potential customers and clients to be attending as possible, as it gives you the chance to advertise your business and products and secure new business relationships and sales. When you’re creating an event, you want as many potential customers and clients to be attending as possible. It makes it more worthwhile for you, as it’s more people that will hear about your business and the more chance you’ll make connections with clients. 


Hire help

Asking non- competing companies to come to your event is something that could benefit you both. Food stalls, photo booth companies, musicians and entertaining after dinner speakers will attract people to the event and help bring more interested customers in. They get to earn some money, and you get the added benefit of them bringing in extra custom for you. Raffles, competitions, prizes and more make the event much more fun than a boring presentation and something that people will remember and enjoy. Consider playing games and running contests, make it exciting and entertaining. All of this can help them to see your brand more positively.


Have your sales pitches ready

Promoting your business is the aim of holding your event, so you need to make sure you have all of your information at the ready. If you’re doing any presentations or demonstrations, have these practised ahead of time so that everything runs smoothly, and be sure to network. Take down the contact details of interested customers or businesses or encourage them to follow you on social media. Have plenty of business cards printed and ready to hand out too. You want everyone to have fun, but remember, the name of the game is to attract as many new leads as possible.



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