Why Having A Great Website Will Increase Your Social Respect.

Why Having A Great Website Will Increase Your Social Respect

You’ve built up an impressive social following, you’re posting all the right things at the right times, people are engaging, liking, sharing and commenting – you, sir or madam, deserve a huge pat on the back! But why is nobody actually following through with their clicks through to your site? They’re visiting, but then they’re bouncing at alarming rates and not looking at what your business has to offer, and even – crucially, and frustratingly – they’re not buying a thing.

So, what can you do? You’re good at Social Media, obviously, but the likelihood is, you’re not a web developer as well. That’s okay! We all play to our strengths. Before you panic, it’s likely that you stock you’re selling, the copy you’re writing and everything else is all absolutely fine, and most likely still has the potential to do really, really well. It might just be that your site isn’t visually appealing, or there are a few bugs or small issues that need ironing out.

It’s important to consider a lot of things when launching or re-launching a website. You’ll want it to look just right. There are literally loads of companies who will be able to help with design, but a great, comprehensive one you can use is JJ Solutions. Not only will they help you plan what it looks like, they can also help with pretty much everything, if you need it. If not, that’s okay, you can get a bespoke package.

The most important thing to note is that all of your considerations must take professionalism into account. Imagine you were personally a visitor to the site. Would you be impressed? Would you be interested in buying? Hint: You should be able to answer ‘yes’ to these questions, or it’s definitely time to make some changes. Facebook likes, Tweets and so on will become arbitrary if you’re not making sales through something as simple as using outdated or poor photography images of your products. Or if your copy just doesn’t make sense and therefore puts people off. People may even encounter broken links, so it’s important to do checks and maintenance from time to time. Keep your blog updated, remove out of date information and offers, and respond to any queries – which you’ll allow them to make through advertising all your channels in an easy-to-see way – in due time, with respect. 

If you treat your website as well as you treat your Social Media, you can integrate the two cohesively and have a really successful return on your investment.


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