Why Use Film Marketing For the Property and Leisure Related Industries?

BrickFlickr Spring 2014 Showreel !!!

At BrickFlickr we are proud to offer Bespoke Marketing Films to the Property, Leisure and Corporate industries.

We work from initial designs to develop, market, produce and subsequently host our films, offering 4K filming and all in HD quality. We can combine aerial filming, full 360 user interactive technology, live streaming and CGI animation. We are creative, innovative and unique in the way we craft film that perfectly promotes your brand to the maximum potential audience, and attracts increased traffic and enquiries from clients both in the UK and Internationally.

All of which is impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree, but how does it benefit you?

Does using cutting edge techniques and state of the art equipment really equate to increased interest and sales? When we broadcast and distribute your bespoke film, the answer is unwaveringly ‘Yes’!

Online there are over a billion YouTube and Vimeo users, as well as 1.15 billion on Facebook and a further 500 million on Twitter. Each of these users will watch roughly 2000 minutes of video per month online. The market for video is ascending at any incredibly high rate, with last year alone seeing 55% of web traffic being video, a statistic that is expected to rise to 90% this year!

When combined with Social Media you have a marketing opportunity that is completely unprecedented and must be grabbed firmly with both hands. Do not be content just maintaining traditional increasingly less effective and costly marketing media. To be left behind at this crucial stage could prove fatal to your business!

Tweets with images are twice as likely to be retweeted and videos on Facebook three times as likely to be ‘liked’. People crave visual stimulation, with a staggering 85% of people found to be more likely to make a purchase from a website using video promotion.

Film and Video is an innovative and adaptable media that is gathering an unstoppable momentum. We live in a fast paced society where people require information instantaneously.

Whereas offline, traditional methods such as glossy brochures and newspaper articles once reigned supreme, the emergence of the smart phone and tablet has made digital media king. By providing people with limitless use of a product that supplies them with accurate and engaging information, that is also attractive and attention grabbing, you are creating a cost effect way to expand your client reach by providing a better service. By offering it for FREE your customers feel valued.

Although the Property Market is colossal, the competition global, there are always ways to stand out from the crowd. Providing exceptional quality is one and combining that with useful, well-structured information is another. Our marketing films focus on creating emotion and atmosphere to absorb your customers, with our carefully crafted scripts addressing every aspect that you deem important in a concise and enjoyable way.

Don’t be left behind! Film Marketing is the future and you must adapt and evolve or risk missing out. Get in touch with the team at BrickFlickr today to see how our Bespoke Film Marketing Packages can enhance your business and keep you on top of the latest marketing trends. (www.brickflickr.com)


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