Why Use Landing Pages?

You’ve got your website set up and looking just the way you like it. The analytics are confirming that visitors are drilling ever-deeper into your content toward that all important buy-it-now button. Then your boss pings you an email asking how many landing pages you’ve got live. If you don’t have any at all, then you might be missing out on even more valuable data, and a more effective route to conversion.



Landing pages are designed for a very specific purpose. They can look exactly like any other page on your website, but the content is designed to encourage a specific action from any visitors. This might be a button that delivers conversions to a sales page or a link to a product information page. But surely your home page does that already?


What makes landing pages special is the process by which visitors ‘landed’ there. Digital marketing campaigns are already hugely valuable when it comes to analytics. A landing page is a unique page for each campaign. This is hugely useful because you can reach out to different demographics, or customers at different points of the buying cycle. Simply create a landing page for each, targeted carefully for that audience.


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The address of the landing page will be unique and will apply only to a specific campaign. This means you can track the origin of customers that arrived here. You’ll know how successful a campaign is and even how much momentum it has. Then, of course, you can tweak the copy, the images, or the layout of the landing page to best suit the audience for conversion.


This approach can be used for every digital marketing campaign you have. If you’re working up a campaign on social media, why not develop a landing page exclusive to that campaign? You can use the content on this page to elaborate on the key issues raised in your campaign, driving traffic ever closer to a sale conversion.


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Using an agency to help you manage your digital marketing is a good idea. After all, there is so much to do! If you’re using a marketing agency to support your advertising and SEO campaigns, then talk to them about the use of landing pages. Of course, many campaigns are identical across the platforms. You can easily monitor results from there. But if you’re looking to drill down into the figures, why not use a unique address? You can clearly identify which customers are converting from which platform.


Your offline or traditional media marketing campaigns might also benefit from unique landing pages. Print the URL on your flyers or your direct mail campaigns. Use it in the phone directory, or a shortened version for TV ads. The possibilities are almost endless. It adds another level to the campaign to help you convince customers to buy. You can build trust, allay objections, and provide answers to the questions your original campaign prompted.


It’s common practice to use a business copywriter to develop your campaign as well as your landing pages. This continuity can be helpful to make sure the full message is conveyed in the same tone of voice. What do you use landing pages for?



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