Why Waiting really is Not The Answer – and ‘normal’ doesn’t exist.

Brad Burton, founder 4Networking https://www.4networking.biz/4networkingonline/ offers 5 tips to help you navigate the next few weeks of business.

Our £Million pound+ 14-year-old business, went to nigh on zero revenues overnight. Nothing we did wrong, no mismanagement, no bad business decisions. Just Covid.

We could have spent time whinging and whining about how the Government need to do this or that, or as we did, spent that time and energy focused on what we could impact.

When lockdown began, I came across so many business owners who had a lets ‘wait and see what happens’ attitude. They ignored the opportunity and with it, those crucial few days and weeks to make change to their business.

When this is all over, and at some point, it will be, there is going to be a chart. On one side will be the losers, on the other winner. For those that are waiting for it to ‘go back to normal’ they may be waiting a very long time.

• There is no turning back.
Don’t waste any time or energy trying to go back to a place that no longer exists. There is a new, new for us all whether in life, business or just the world. Find your space, find your place, and embrace the new. Let go of the old. Its gone.

• Make better decisions. Faster.
How we as a business make decisions is, I will try to make a decision in 24seconds, if after that I’ve still not made a decision, I’ll revisit it in 24minutes. If after that I still can’t make a call, I’ll come back to it after 24hours. If I can’t make a decision at that point. It’s really not important and the decision has been made. Next! This is a decision-making principle I teach globally and one that will serve you well through time of crisis. #24s24m24h

• This is not how this story ends…
When it gets tough, or if you feel like quitting – think of where you are right now as a chapter in a book, your book and you are the main character. Think about how you would like the final chapter to play out. Then take every decision each day as a step towards making that a reality. This is nor how this story ends…

• What does this make possible?
That’s a question we asked as a team. In our case, what it made possible was for us to take our once real life national 5,000 business networking groups online. We would never have even considered this prior to lockdown, but it forced us to have to reassess and evolve and make change. And you know its actually worked out!

• Take MASSIVE action.
No. You‘ve been sold a lie. A lie that is intended to use your own inertia and want for success to part you from your money on some big ticket, certainty salesperson, BS coaching programme. You’ll need more than one big gesture of signing a cheque to find your success. If you really want to change your life, as in really, it’s the 30,000+ micro decisions you make each day that truly steer where you, your life and business ends up. Take PASSIVE action.


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