Why You Don’t Always Need An In-House Marketing Team

Listen. If you can afford to hire in-house marketing specialists within your business, then fine. Thanks to their skills and talents, you will have the opportunity to promote your business to the masses, and hopefully, experience the profits gained from a greater number of customers.


But if you can’t afford an in-house marketing team? Don’t despair, as there are other people you can turn to for help with your marketing.


Every employee can help you market your business


From the people who do your accounts to the people who make your deliveries, you can benefit from the marketing reach of every person in your business. They can share the good word about your business on social media. They can showcase your products in their homes. They can hand out flyers and business cards to people who might want to use your business. They can share positive information on business review sites. They can wear your branded t-shirts. And in every conversation they have with a potential customer, be they at work or not, they can cajole others into considering what your business offers. So, let all of your employees in on your marketing campaigns and reward them if they do bring new custom in for you. 


You can outsource the various facets of your marketing


Even if you do have an in-house marketing team, there might still be skill gaps missing. So, whatever your situation, remember that outsourcing can be good for your business. You might want to hire an SEO firm to improve your online presence, for example. You could hire a web designer to give your current website a marketing facelift. You might want to hire a graphic design team for your promotional leaflets and other materials. And you might want to consider Growth Minded Marketing and companies like them to help you make a success of your Google Ad campaigns. So, think about the various ways you market your business and seek the help of others if you lack the skills needed within your own employee team. 


You can seek the assistance of your customers


Your customers are your greatest asset, not only in terms of the size of their wallets but in their marketing reach too. As part of your marketing strategy, you could create a customer referral scheme, and reward those customers who bring new people into your business. They could share information about your business to their friends and families, both on and offline. They could showcase your products in their homes. They could hand out your promotional materials to the people they know. And they could write good things about your business online, not only on social media but on business review sites too, as well as on your website with testimonial quotes. So, reach out to your customers, ask for their help, and reward them with discounts and freebies if they bring new people to your business. 


So, hire an in-house marketing team if you can. But if you can’t, remember that other help is available, and this can come from the people that we have mentioned here today. Speak to them and benefit from the work they can do on your behalf. 


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