Will there be an increase in Social Media Ad Spend In 2014?

More than half of  advertisers in the USA plan to increase their digital marketing advertisement spend in during 2014, figures supplied from reports by eMarketer, referring to a new survey from Advertiser Perceptions.

More and more businesses are looking at social media ads becoming a strong avenue to increase their online presence and new sales leads, 47 % of advertisers state they will be increase marketing budgets for social media ads and  46 % will maintain current budget levels. Only 7 percent will in fact decrease their spend towards social media advertising, which really shows the importance of Social Media marketing within business marketing spending budgets.

Major social media portals such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn allow for target ad / banners to be displayed to increase website click throughs and increasing of following / members to business pages, companies across the globe with large enough budgets have seen some positive results from social media ads, especially those recently released by Facebook that populate members news feeds.

Social media activity as a whole will surely increase in 2014 with memberships to continue upwards too meaning that there is a larger audience to market to and ads / banners are still are great marketing practice that continues to deliver results.



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