Will Ubisoft+ Join The Xbox Game Pass?

On November 10th EA Play became an amazing addition to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, bringing along 85 games, including Fifa, Madden, Dead Space, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Sims 4, Heat, Titanfall 2, A Way Out and many more.

Now all we have are rumors of Ubisoft+ coming to Microsoft’s subscription service, nothing confirmed or even spoken about by the two parties, but it’s something cool to think about, especially in terms of the console wars.

Some say that the console wars are over as both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are close in hardware, but this war of the consoles is more than just what’s inside the console, it’s how it looks, outside and on your screen, along with the wide variety of games that release.

With the Xbox Game Pass considered by some as ‘Netflix for gamers,’ this could turn into a massive victory for Xbox, having all first party games on the Game Pass at launch was an amazing option to have, with you only needing to spend £7.99 or £10.99 for a month on a brand new game rather than it’s full price, or even better for first time Game Pass users only needs to splash out £1. Yes you only get it for a month, unless you continue your subscription, but some games you can easily finish in a month and you might end up not enjoying the game as much as you’d originally thought, so you save money, it’s games like Sea of Thieves, when you want to continue playing and leveling up, that’s when buying the game would work best.

Then EA came along and added their titles to the Pass, if you’re a fan of EA games and was considering purchasing a new console could the fact EA is now on the Game Pass persuade you into getting the new Xbox instead of the PlayStation? Yes, it very well could, and if Ubisoft decides to go the same way and have their games added, then those are two powerhouse game developers on Xbox’s side, with games like Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Assasins Creed and Tom Clancy games, its enough to tip me on the side of Xbox.

During the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 years, PlayStation led the way with first party exclusive games, leaving Xbox in the dust, there exclusives never reached the same heights as PlayStation’s, we know that Xbox has been buying up developers, so we should be expecting a bigger and hopefully better range of games from them this generation, but one thing Xbox had over PlayStation was the Game Pass, although PlayStation has PlayStation Now, the Xbox Game Pass was considered to be the better half, even though I believe both a great for what they are, but with EA joining the Pass, it does widen the gap between Xbox and PlayStation, and if Xbox can continue expanding the variety of games on the Pass, then that is one way Xbox can surpass PlayStation and gain an outstanding win in the console wars.

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Oliver Walkey

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