YouTube: Time wasting, or superhero?

YouTube logoHave you ever thought about using YouTube to marketing your business? What part does it play a part in helping you sell more?  I bet I have a different answer to you!

Yes, I know it’s meant to be the really big thing of 2014, but do you really think it works?

Is YouTube marketing worthwhile?

There’s lots of hype around at the moment that YouTube for business is the big thing. Maybe you’ve even read that it will make a huge impact and change your online fortunes?

Here’s my problem: when many business owners question blog writing, is video marketing really going to work for small businesses?

I suspect the answer is NO. Certainly not if you really think that putting a couple of videos (professionally shot, or ones’ you’ve created yourself) up will make a large difference to your sales. But, I’d love to know what you think.

How do you watch video (if at all)?

I asked around and spoke to a number of SME business owners about their online video watching (and I’d love to read your thoughts too) versus their reading of online articles.

The majority would rather scan through a web page using sub headings to guide them, than “trust” in a piece of video from somebody they don’t really know (trust it’s worth investing their time in watching).

My own online video stats show blogs get way more visits than my videos (yes, maybe I’m boring on YouTube).

What are the benefits of online video?

The big question I think SME owners need to consider is “When in the sales cycle are people watching?” I referred to people that don’t really know you and the likelihood that they will watch your online video. That suggests new people won’t start watching as a result.

Those that are already interested in you are more likely to watch your YouTube videos. In other words YouTube for Business appears to be used further into the sales funnel. It is helping people get to know you in more depth, as part of deciding if they like you and might do business with you. Suddenly it seems a more useful tool, even if that changes how you use it. Other thoughts

  • Who are watching? Younger people (and entrepreneurs) and they are more likely to watch video.
  • YouTube for business is growing. More business clips are getting loaded onto YouTube and it’s becoming more common to watch it.
  • It can be quicker than writing a blog. If you have your iphone set up, you can literally talk for a couple of minutes (no more) and that’s a video blog. You could get it transcribed and then publish it as a normal blog page too
  • Testimonials are more trustworthy on video.

How does business video help you?

In summary, using YouTube for business won’t suddenly bring you hundreds of new clients. If it has a value it’s to convert more of the ones you’ve already attracted.

What do you think about YouTube for business? Are you going to use it this year?

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