Zero Water – The Simple Way To Make Clean Water

Although the water coming out of your tap is drinkable, it’s not exactly what you would call, completely clean, it’s, of course, safe to drink, but not as clean as mineral or spring water, so if you are wanting to find a way to purify your water, then Zero Water is ideal for ease of use and affordability.

The Zero Water Filter has been certified to reduce lead.

Tap Water TDS   Contaminant Level                       Expected Quantity of-

 -Zerowater Per Filter

  • 000-001         FDA Definition of Bottled Water   N/A
  • 002-050         Moderate                                          150 Litres or more
  • 051-200         Typical Range                                   95 to 150 Litres
  • 201-300         High                                                   55 to 95 Litres
  • 301-400         Exceptionally High                           30 to 55 Litres
  • 401+               Extreme                                            30 Litres or less

The ZeroWater Filter uses 5 stages of advanced filtration, which is above standered 2 stage filters, if may take a bit longer to filter, but the water will be purer.

The water filter has the ability to remove 18,000 MG of Impurities from your tap water, so unfortunately you will need to replace the filter part once it’s done all it can do, but after buying a ZeroWater Filter of your own, ZeroWater have a little thank you present, they give you £5 off when you buy a 4 or 8 pack of filters when you enter your tap water reading on their website.

ZeroWater has created a very easy to use water filter, the water tastes different when you first taste it, so it will take a couple of cups to get used to, but it tastes cleaner, and with the TDS checker, you can see that it’s cleaner, and you can keep an eye on when your filter starts coming to an end and needs replacing, so all in all, a very good product which if you like drinking clean water, will become a very welcomed guest in your home.

Oliver Walkey

Focused on product reviews for Marketme. Has a social media following of 14,000 + on Twitter via @DinosaurmanUK.