5 Marketing Trends to Adopt in 2022

Everything is likely to change in 2022 when it comes to marketing. Today, marketing has become a lot more than just ads or promotional aids that are given out as a gimmick. Marketing, especially digital marketing, is an integral part of our lives. Technology is shaping the way we interact with brands. With 21 billion pounds being spent on advertising each year in the UK, marketing has never been bigger meaning you need to make sure you are using your budget wisely to get maximum effectiveness.

Here are five things you should know about.

SEO & Local SEO

There’s no denying that SEO and Local SEO are both growing in popularity. They’re becoming more pivotal to your strategy as time goes on.

You may not consider it a marketing channel, but SEO is something you can’t afford to overlook. It takes up to six months for a new page to rank higher on search results because Google updates its algorithm monthly. With the ever-changing SEO landscape, you may need to reassess your strategy if you’ve been relying solely on organic traffic from Google.

Local SEO is another important marketing channel that businesses shouldn’t ignore. Implementing small business seo will help your business rank higher in local searches and get more leads from people nearby. This type of marketing also allows you to customise your message based on the user’s location, which can help you reach local customers better than traditional methods like print ads or billboards.

Meta – The Facebook Universe

In 2022, Facebook will dominate the web with a dominant market share of 51% of consumers’ time spent on digital devices. One in every three minutes spent online is on Facebook. By 2022, the Facebook universe will expand. This year, watch for augmented reality and virtual experiences.

Ignore all the talk about people leaving Facebook in droves. The fact is, Facebook is just as popular as ever, and indicators show no sign of this changing anytime soon.

B2B Content

Many marketers focus their efforts on B2C marketing. While this is beneficial, neglecting the B2B market can alienate a large portion of your audience and limit your success. Business owners and leaders, while no doubt knowledgeable in their industry, are still prone to searching online for new information. Be the person who creates the content for this type of interest and focus on making sure you have your finger on the pulse for those who are Googling for new changes. And with many industries going through seemingly drastic changes overnight, getting informative content for the B2B market can be beneficial for you.

So if you have tips, suggestions or information others in your industry can find helpful, share it, and you never know, it might just be the best thing you did for your marketing campaign in 2022!

Influencer Marketing

In 2022, influencer marketing will be a common form of digital marketing. Influencers are no longer limited by traditional gatekeepers who dictate who can or cannot make it onto a TV show or in a magazine. With social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, individuals have the opportunity to create a personal brand and build their following. Now, anyone with over 10,000 followers has the chance to make it big on YouTube or Instagram.

Some influencers have built careers by sharing their lives on social media channels and pursuing their passions in front of a camera. As a result, they’ve become powerful voices for brands looking to engage consumers online.

Influencer marketing is more about building relationships with these individuals than paying them to endorse your brand. Brands invest in these relationships by collaborating with influencers to create content and share it across an influencer’s social media channels. The goal is always the same: To change consumer behaviour to better your business!

Online Events

It’s not just the online event itself that has value, and it’s the experience of it. As consumers become accustomed to gamified and interactive content, this will change how we view traditional content. So if your brand wants to get in on the action, you need to create a meaningful and interactive story or experience.

For example, you could host an online event where attendees can collaborate in real-time. Or maybe you want to take your social media followers on a virtual tour of your latest product launch? These are just some ideas for how brands can use technology and digital transformation to generate buzz around their events and products while creating a meaningful and impactful experience for their audience.


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