5 Simple and Effective Business Advertising Techniques

No matter what industry your business is in and whether it’s small or big, you’ll need to discover creative and innovative advertising techniques that work. You want to stand out from the crowd and to tempt in new customers. And the only way that you’re going to do this is by creating effective visuals that stick in their minds.

But if you’re stuck for inspiration, this prospect can seem very daunting. To help guide you, here are 5 simple methods that you can use:


This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s still often forgotten about by many new businesses. Billboards are a simple advertising method that has been used since the early 1800s. Showcasing to a large number of people what you have to offer, it can entice them in.

Whether you opt for a print or a digital billboard, there are lots of companies across the country that can offer you a budget-friendly advertising solution.


Another traditional form of advertising that you could use is leaflet distribution. Directly promoting your service or product to customers by means of the post, for those who have been looking for something similar for some time this can be very effective. 

Just make sure that you find a good balance of how often you have the leaflets distributed as you don’t want to put potential customers off!

Social Media 

Many businesses still neglect just how powerful social media can be. An influential way of advertising your business, it directly targets the demographic that you’re trying to reach. Whether this is done through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a mixture of the three, you’ll be able to promote what you have to offer to a wider, international audience.

One of the key online advertising methods that you could use, it gives you the freedom to be as creative as you wish. For example, you could start a photo contest which will engage your customers and get them involved. 


This might seem like an expensive method to use, but the profit that can be generated from sponsorships is well worth the initial investment. 

You don’t have to sponsor a huge event or television programs at first if you don’t have the capital – it can be simply adding your sponsorship to local schools, fayres or other related businesses.

Mobile Advertising 

It’s no secret that in the last 20 years mobile phones have taken over the world. And the same comes for mobile advertising. As technology evolves, this form of advertising is growing – meaning that all types of businesses want a piece of the pie. 

Although it might seem as though there is lots of competition, if you want to be able to compete with others within the industry, it could be something that you consider. To do this effectively, make sure that your website is optimised correctly so that it’s as accessible as possible, think about advertising via SMS and send them notifications from your app. 


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