6 Quick tips on How to be more Successful with Pinterest.

If you are up to date with marketing news you surely have already heard of Pinterest – social media platform allowing users to share mainly visual content: pictures, graphics, infographics, etc.
Since it is a platform for visual learners, the type of business which can gain the most by being present in is the one which has a lot to show: internet shops for women, i.e: selling women’s bags, shoes or clothes.

The majority of Pinterest users are women (according to last year’s data 80% are women), therefore businesses in the area of fashion and travel as well as wedding planning gain the most popularity on the platform. It can also be a good idea to promote wedding photography services. If the photos are popular among portal browsers, it is very likely that women planning their wedding will become interested in the photographer’s services.

Today we would like to show you what you need to do to obtain the best results on Pinterest. If you follow the guidelines below you will be able to squeeze every last drop of success out of Pinterest.

1. Add a “Pin” button to your website

If you have a website where pictures are of high importance, you should utilize a great power vested in the “Pin” button. Internet users are usually very lazy. If you do not enable them to share your pictures on Pinterest, you should not expect that they will waste another second for you. The “Pin” button enables Internet users to share visuals very quickly and that is is why it can bring further marketing advantages. A picture from your website will land on the user’s board to remind him/her of your website or even to promote it amongst other users.

2. Create your business account on Pinterest

You can create personal and business accounts on Pinterest. In fact, even institutions or websites can have a Pineterest account. When creating an account remember to create one relating to your business which will enable you to execute marketing operations. Many companies such as MTV, Pionieer, Castorama, Peugeot have their Pinterest accounts. You can enter one or two sentences about the company in your Pinterest account as well as your current location and the website address.

3. Create boards

Pinterest enables you to create boards on which you can pin pictures and other visuals. If you own a shop with women’s clothing, you should create a separate folder for pictures of belts, blouses, hats, etc. This way the users will be able to see things that they are really interested in and your company will look very well organised.

4. Do not pin only your own pictures

The essence of social media service is its social aspect. That is why you should not pin only the pictures which promote your company products. From time to time it is worth pinning someone else’s picture. It could be an appealing picture which will draw additional visitors interested in a particular subject to your website. Sometimes it is worth using some interesting world news. For instance, when running a shop with women’s clothing you can create a board on which you can pin the newest outfits of the greatest celebrities.

5. Do not create too many boards

Do not create a separate board for one or two pictures. First of all, it does not look too good. Secondly, your account can quickly become cluttered. Dozens of boards with one or two pictures on each of them look terrible. Pinterest users are visual learners – mostly women – and aesthetics is very important to them.

6. Interact

This is actually expanding on point 4. Pinterest has a few interesting social functions which you should use: pinning pictures, liking a picture, commenting. All these elements enable you to interact with other users which will increase interest in your profile.


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